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5 Flying Car Prototypes

There are more than 2,800 small airports scattered throughout the United States -- and they're vastly underused. Maybe these small, relatively affordable (and roadable) planes can put them to good use?

Top 10 Speeds Clocked on the Autobahn

A public road, in a notoriously buttoned-up country, where people can drive as fast as their engines and nerves will allow. It sounds almost too good to be true, doesn't it? Learn about 10 vehicles that have been pushed to their limits on this fabled road.

How the Audi R8 Works

The Audi R8 straddles the line between high-priced supercar and luxurious daily driver. Essentially, you're getting Lamborghini-like performance at Porsche 911 Turbo prices.

How to Charge a Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle

By now you're probably familiar with the basics of how a hybrid vehicle works. But how knowledgeable are you when it comes to plug-in hybrid vehicle operation -- specifically charging?

Are plug-in hybrids better than regular hybrids?

It seems that plug-in hybrids are the next logical step in hybrid vehicle technology. But, are plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) truly better than regular hybrids?

What is the plug-in electric vehicle credit?

It wasn't long ago when gas-electric hybrid cars were the latest innovation on the roads. Now, automakers are shifting their attention to plug-in hybrid vehicles. Can buying one save you money on your taxes?

How Electric Car Charging Networks Work

Electric car charging networks are operational in several parts of the world. However, they're mainly for demonstration only, at this point. When might a charging network be available in your neighborhood?

5 Strangest Vehicles Ever Made

Is designing a car a science or an art? Actually, it's both. But sometimes the final product is simply too bizarre, expensive, impractical (or even dangerous) to gain much public interest.

What's the fastest car in the world?

There are plenty of fast cars on the road, but when you're searching for the fastest of the fast, don't bother looking at the car dealership on the corner. This car takes top speed to a whole new level.

Cruising Low and Slow: 10 Great Lowriders

Early lowriders cruised the streets of California in the 1930s in customized cars to impress the girls. Find out why these 10 bajito y suavecito cars made our list.

How Art Cars Work

Some people see the world in an entirely different light. Art car artists, for example, see a car as a blank canvas they can cover with doll heads, stained glass, rubber ducks, silverware and fur.

How the BMW X6 ActiveHybrid Works

The BMW X6 ActiveHybrid concept is a vehicle that blurs the lines between SUV, hatchback and sports car. But how does the X6 ActiveHybrid achieve fuel economy and improved performance, too?

How a Concours d'Elegance Works

Similar to other auto shows, the cars are the stars at any Concours d'Elegance event. But that's where the similarities end. Concours d'Elegance shows are truly unique for many reasons.

Plug-in Hybrid Pictures

Plug-in hybrids are a unique breed of hybrid vehicle. Take a look at several different makes and models in this image gallery.

5 Reasons Not to Buy a Hybrid

If you're looking for a new car or truck, there's a chance you're considering a hybrid. Before you sign any paperwork, take a look at why you may not want to.

5 Reasons to Buy a Hybrid

So, you say you're in the market for a hybrid car? Or maybe you're on the fence about making a hybrid car purchase? Well, we can think of several reasons that you may want to complete the deal.

Tesla Roadster Pictures

The Tesla Roadster is fast, fancy, and environmentally friendly. Check out these pictures of this incredible line of automobiles.

5 Luxury Hybrids

A lot of motorists are looking for ways to be a little "greener" behind the wheel, and hybrid cars seem to be the answer for many. But why not do it with a little style, right?

5 Plug-in Hybrids -- Arriving Soon

No doubt about it, hybrid cars are popular right now. That's because 40, 50 or even 60 miles per gallon is pretty alluring, right? Well, plug-in hybrid cars are capable of triple-digit fuel economy

How Car Restoration Works

Some people dream of owning a brand new Escalade or Maybach, but others have bigger -- and older -- dreams. If you'd rather drive a classic, the accessibility and ease of car restoration can turn that vision into reality.

Hot Rod Pictures

Vroom vroom! Hot rods went from a California fad in the 1930s and 1940s to a nationwide trend in the 1950s. Cruise through these hot rod photos and check out some rat rods along the way.

Custom Car Pictures

Do you love custom cars? Buckle up and get ready for a wild ride through the world of custom cars, then and now!

Future Sports Car Pictures

Want to see the sleek, high-horsepower vehicles you have to look forward to? Take a look at pictures of future sports cars.

Future Hybrid Car Pictures

Future hybrid car pictures show you what's coming to the showroom, and what's still a pipe dream. Take a look at hybrid cars of the future.

How Street Sweepers Work

Street sweepers used to be a bunch of guys toting brooms, but now we use large trucks and modern technology to remove dirt, dust and debris from our streets.