Unusual Cars

From minimalist cars -- such as the King Midget -- to the Batmobile, the Unusual Cars section boasts extraordinary vehicles. Also in the mix: the Jeep Hurricane, smart cars and the Gibbs Aquada.


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5 U.S. Presidents and Their Beloved Cars

One super-cool perk to being POTUS? You get to be driven around in the heavily armored presidential limousine. One downside? You have to hand over your car keys — for life.

Mahindra Roxor Reimagines the Beloved Jeep CJ

Indian automaker Mahindra introduced the Roxor to the U.S. in early March. It's the first licensed Jeep the company has produced for the U.S. market since 1947.

Remembering Some of the Craziest Custom RVs

Just in time for some awesome summer road trips, the CarStuff guys give you a tour of some of history's craziest RVs.

Adult-size Cozy Coupe Ready for the Road

Ever have that fantasy of your toys becoming real as a kid? Well, the Little Tykes Cozy Coupe did just that. And it's awesome.

How the Personal Air and Land Vehicle (PAL-V) Works

Whether it's "Back to the Future," "The Jetsons" or "Blade Runner," we've been promised flying cars for a while now. Yet dream as we might, this fantastical future has always eluded us — that is, until the PAL-V showed up in all its flying glory.

How Bare Metal Hot Rods Work

Bare metal cars make up a relatively small subculture of hot rodding, and examples can run the gamut from gritty to glamorous. Would you dare to bare it all?

10 Worst Cars of the 20th Century

The 20th century was a time when cars and new car companies were still trying to find their way. Some were wildly successful, but there were also many failures.

10 Famous Cars and the Drivers Who Drove Them

This list has it all -- 10 examples of famous cars along with their famous (and sometimes infamous) drivers from television, the movies and even real life.

How the Popemobile Works

Most armored vehicles go for a subtle, inconspicuous outward appearance; but the popemobile is a lot more obvious. A bold move by the Vatican -- considering all that glass.

How the Lazareth Wazuma Works

Lazareth isn't known for simplicity, economy or sacrifice. Everything is chosen because it's the best that can be had -- the Wazuma is the latest and most over-the-top example.

How big is the world's smallest electric car?

Scientists in Switzerland and the Netherlands have created what can be called the world's smallest electric car. With standard four-wheel-drive, could this be your next new car?

How Prop-driven Cars Work

In many ways, a propeller-driven car is much simpler than our modern autos, but its drivetrain has potential for peril. Spinning propeller blades present a considerable hazard to the driver and pedestrians.

How Mousetrap-powered Cars Work

If you're looking for a really neat school project, an activity that's hands-on (and a way to put those old Victor-brand traps to work on a peaceful purpose), try building a mousetrap-powered car.

How Screw-Drive Vehicles Work

Looking for a way to traverse large areas of snow, muck or mud? A screw-drive vehicle might be exactly what you need. They perform in off-road conditions that would make other 4x4s cry out for mercy.

How Monowheels Work

So, you're getting a little bored with vehicles with four, two or even three wheels? How about a motorized vehicle with just one wheel? A monowheel just might give you the thrill you're looking for.

How the WaterCar Python Works

Amphibious cars are often laughed at and thought of as steady-but-slow vintage entrants in July 4th lake parades across the country. However, the WaterCar Python is raising amphibious car status.

5 Strangest Vehicles Ever Made

Is designing a car a science or an art? Actually, it's both. But sometimes the final product is simply too bizarre, expensive, impractical (or even dangerous) to gain much public interest.

How Art Cars Work

Some people see the world in an entirely different light. Art car artists, for example, see a car as a blank canvas they can cover with doll heads, stained glass, rubber ducks, silverware and fur.

How Street Sweepers Work

Street sweepers used to be a bunch of guys toting brooms, but now we use large trucks and modern technology to remove dirt, dust and debris from our streets.

How Hearses Work

Most people would agree that there's something a little bit spooky about a hearse. But at the same time, there's something mysterious and fascinating about them, too. Why are we intrigued by hearses?

How Police Cars Work

Police cars (in most cases) are equipped with a variety of paint schemes, decals and flashing lights in order to stand out from other cars on the road. But is there more to police cars than meets the eye?

How Three-wheel Cars Work

Three-wheeled car design isn't exactly a new idea. In fact, the very first automobile was a three-wheeler. So what makes this design so appealing?

How Rat Rods Work

Rat rodders build cars meant to be mean, fast and even a little scary. If you think they're just rusty, old junk -- maybe you should take a closer look.

Small Car Pictures

Small car pictures feature the smallest cars in the world. See photos of these fuel efficient, environmentally responsible, and easy to park cars in our image gallery and you may just give up that SUV.

How the G-Wiz Electric Car Works

It's teeny-tiny, you can buy it online, and it has zero direct emissions. The G-Wiz electric car is a popular vehicle in the UK, but safety concerns may trump its green benefits.