10 Famous Cars and the Drivers Who Drove Them

The Delorean DMC-12 played an integral part in the plot of 'Back to the Future'. flickr.com/photos/daspunkt/

There are so many examples out there of cars that have become iconic -- cars that have become characters in and of themselves -- that this list of famous cars and their famous drivers wasn't easy to compile. Sometimes, the car served as a mere plot device; in others, it's the purpose of the work's existence. For the sake of complexity, this list comprises examples from television, the movies and real life. (In several of these cases, the title exists in multiple forms of media, such as TV, film and comic books; we focused on whichever version best illustrates the spirit of the list, since in many cases, the car changed along with the format.) And for the sake of simplicity, we discussed the actor playing the role of the character driving the car, rather than the actual character, except in cases in which the car was the more important character, and it really isn't simple at all, especially when most of the driving was done by stunt professionals. A little confusing? Maybe ... but it's entertaining, too.