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Can Your Car Have Too Many Bumper Stickers?

The van driven by the recent pipe bombing suspect was literally covered from top to bottom with right-wing stickers. But, for the average law-abiding citizen, how many bumper stickers is too many?

Why Syncing Stop Lights May Not Solve Traffic Woes

Ever get red light after red light when you're driving? Often, it's because traffic lights aren't synced to each other. But would doing so really fix traffic problems?

If the Light Is Stuck on Red, Are You Stuck Too?

We've all been there. The stop light won't change and you've got places to be. Do you run it or just wait, wait and wait?

Pedestrian Deaths in the U.S. on the Rise

Many factors are to blame for the increase. The question is what can be done to stop it?

Is Driving Barefoot Illegal?

Some say shoes get in the way of your car's pedals and can actually cause accidents. So why would driving barefoot be bad?

You'll Get in Serious Trouble for Speeding in These Five States

When it comes to cracking down on lead-foot drivers, these states aren't playing around.

Sorry, But Speed Traps Aren’t Actually Entrapment

It may seem unfair that cops can lie in wait for speeding motorists, but legally, speed traps aren't entrapment. Still, some states have imposed laws to limit their use as a revenue source.

Would Your Car Pass the Moose Test?

While you may never encounter a moose on the road, just how stable would your car be in a sudden swerve emergency?

Most People Think Texting While Driving Is Fine, Study Says

Laws against texting while driving are increasing. There's just one problem: Most people think they don't need them.

Getting It Right When You Drive on the 'Wrong' Side of the Road

The first few days of driving on the 'wrong' side of the road can be a real horror show. HowStuffWorks can help.

Why You Shouldn't Ignore a Recall on Your Car

Car manufacturers don't issue recalls without good reason. Why do some people ignore them?

New Cars in Europe Automatically Call Police in an Emergency

A new law requires all cars manufactured in the EU be equipped with eCall system that will alert authorities after a crash.

'Rogue' Road Crews Are Fixing Unfilled Potholes

From die-hard Libertarians to masked anarchists, you never know who is going to be repairing a pothole these days.

Are Lefties More of a Danger on the Road?

Left- and right-handed drivers react differently to sudden incidents, and that difference can have a profound effect on car accidents.

What's the Most Common Driving Superstition?

Do you hold your breath when you're driving through a tunnel or keep a lucky rabbit's foot in your car? You're not alone.

Driving With Flip-flops Is Illegal and Other Common Traffic Misconceptions

Here's another oft-repeated myth: You're never at fault if someone rear-ends you.

Why Does My Tire Pressure Light Come on When It's Cold?

It's freezing when you get into your car and you notice a light on your dashboard saying, 'check tire pressure.' You figure it's something to do with the cold, but must you fill up the tires fast?

Traffic Hotspots Cost U.S. Drivers Billions, Study Shows

Traffic hotspots costs drivers billions of dollars in wasted time. So what are cities doing to help alleviate them?

Is It Better to Back In to a Parking Space?

What's the better strategy to park a car, backed in or front-fender forward? Buckle up, buttercup, and start practicing.

When Is It OK to Drive in the Emergency Lane?

That driver who breezes down the highway shoulder in bad traffic could face serious penalties in the U.S. But sometimes, the lane is a perfectly legal option.

People Who Drive With Their Hazard Lights Flashing Are Making a Mistake

Although driving in inclement weather with your car's hazards flashing seems like a great idea, it might be both illegal and ill-advised.

Following a Friend While Driving May Not Be a Great Idea

Ever blow through a red light to keep up with a friend while caravanning somewhere? Yeah, next time just get directions before you all start out.

Variable Speed Limits Can Reduce Congestion and Accidents

The end of construction zone collisions? Speed limits that change in real time help drivers avoid highway collisions.

The 100 Days When Teen Drivers Are Most Likely to Die

Studies show the 100 or so days between Memorial and Labor days are especially deadly for teen drivers — but there are things parents can do to keep them safe.