Car Safety and Regulatory Devices

In the Safety & Regulatory Devices section you'll find tools and technology intended to keep drivers and passengers safe, from car seats and airbags to red-light camera technology.


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Ford Software Update Lets Cop Cars Cook Away Coronavirus with Heat

A software update from Ford heats cars up to 133 degrees Fahrenheit to help police officers reduce the footprint of the COVID-19 virus in their patrol fleet.

A Dashcam Might Be Helpful if You Get Into a Car Accident

Dashcams are inexpensive and easy to install. And they might be provide critical evidence if you're involved in a car accident. So why don't you have one?

Want an Emoji on Your License Plate? Move to Vermont!

The Green Mountain State has introduced a bill to allow motorists to include emojis on their license plates. And we are totally on board.

Why Aren't Seat Belts Required on All School Buses?

School buses are some of the safest vehicles on the road. But most also don't have seat belts, leaving the children inside vulnerable to injury in a crash.

Your Car May Soon Say 'No' to Drunk Driving

Two U.S. Senators have introduced legislation to mandate technology that could end drunk driving as we know it by 2024.

Texas Law Would Let Parents Give Teen's Driving Test

Who needs the DMV? If Texas HB 409 passes, parents could soon bypass it altogether and make their novice teens legal to drive.

Wearable Air Bags Save Lives

These personal air bags can help anyone prone to falling, including motorcyclists, horseback riders and senior citizens.

Can Your Car Have Too Many Bumper Stickers?

The van driven by the recent pipe bombing suspect was literally covered from top to bottom with right-wing stickers. But, for the average law-abiding citizen, how many bumper stickers is too many?

Why Syncing Stop Lights May Not Solve Traffic Woes

Ever get red light after red light when you're driving? Often, it's because traffic lights aren't synced to each other. But would doing so really fix traffic problems?

If the Light Is Stuck on Red, Are You Stuck Too?

We've all been there. The stop light won't change and you've got places to be. Do you run it or just wait, wait and wait?

You'll Get in Serious Trouble for Speeding in These Five States

When it comes to cracking down on lead-foot drivers, these states aren't playing around.

Sorry, But Speed Traps Aren’t Actually Entrapment

It may seem unfair that cops can lie in wait for speeding motorists, but legally, speed traps aren't entrapment. Still, some states have imposed laws to limit their use as a revenue source.

Why You Shouldn't Ignore a Recall on Your Car

Car manufacturers don't issue recalls without good reason. Why do some people ignore them?

New Cars in Europe Automatically Call Police in an Emergency

A new law requires all cars manufactured in the EU be equipped with eCall system that will alert authorities after a crash.

Why Does My Tire Pressure Light Come on When It's Cold?

It's freezing when you get into your car and you notice a light on your dashboard saying, 'check tire pressure.' You figure it's something to do with the cold, but must you fill up the tires fast?

Traffic Hotspots Cost U.S. Drivers Billions, Study Shows

Traffic hotspots costs drivers billions of dollars in wasted time. So what are cities doing to help alleviate them?

People Who Drive With Their Hazard Lights Flashing Are Making a Mistake

Although driving in inclement weather with your car's hazards flashing seems like a great idea, it might be both illegal and ill-advised.

What's the Point of Car Alarms If Nobody Calls the Cops?

Depending on where you live and what you drive, a car alarm can be worthwhile. Here's how to know.

7 (Bad) Reasons Why People Don't Use Their Turn Signals

You wouldn''t do that (right?) but we bet you've been behind people who switched lanes without a signal.

Are Crosswalk and Elevator 'Close Door' Buttons a Total Sham?

Nudging a thermostat, pushing an elevator button and pressing a crosswalk control are satisfying ways to control the environment around us… right? Right?

Volvo's Death-proof Promise Is Nothing New

The carmaker has been talking about fatality-free vehicles for a decade. How's that going?

Does tinfoil on your hubcaps bypass police radar?

You watch somebody zip right through an obvious speed trap — but there are CDs all over the dash and the hubcaps are covered in foil. Is that car really ticket-proof?

Can a penny help you pass a breathalyzer?

So you've been pulled over by the police, and they've put a breathalyzer in your face. Your friends once said you could beat it by sticking a penny in your mouth. Does it really work?

Did airbags make cars deadlier when they were introduced?

We don't give them a second thought now, but when airbags were first introduced, they were controversial. But did they actually make cars less safe?

Can airbags kill you?

There's no doubt that airbags are one of the great achievements in automotive safety technology. But could they actually end up hurting or killing the people they're supposed to protect?