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5 U.S. Presidents and Their Beloved Cars

One super-cool perk to being POTUS? You get to be driven around in the heavily armored presidential limousine. One downside? You have to hand over your car keys — for life.

Could Electric Motor Conversions Save Classic Cars?

Crate motors are popular for breathing new life into classic cars. The newest trend? They're now available in electric, meaning your old classic car can go green.

Porsche Joins Electric Vehicle Race With 2020 Taycan

Porsche unveiled its first electric sports car, the Taycan, and its plans for a sustainable future.

Millennials and Gen Xers Best Boomers at Collecting Cars

There's been a slow shift in who's collecting cars, and the boomer generation just passed the torch to two younger generations.

Jeep Celebrates the Gladiator at Easter Jeep Safari

The fan-favorite four-wheel automaker unveils six concept trucks based on its new Jeep Gladiator.

Henry Ford vs. the Dodge Brothers: An All-American Feud

John and Horace Dodge were early investors in the Ford Motor Company, but the relationship quickly devolved into the feud of a lifetime.

National Historic Vehicle Register Honors Elite Cars

The Library of Congress archives all things historical in the U.S. And that also includes many of America's most important cars.

Rolls-Royce Finally Enters the SUV Market

The bespoke automaker has thrown its famed hood ornament into the SUV ring. And it's setting itself apart from all the rest.

The VW Bus Is Back — Sort of

The VW I.D. Buzz is a far cry from its predecessor. And that's totally fine by us.

Mahindra Roxor Reimagines the Beloved Jeep CJ

Indian automaker Mahindra introduced the Roxor to the U.S. in early March. It's the first licensed Jeep the company has produced for the U.S. market since 1947.

Porsche Is 3-D Printing Rare Parts for Its Classic Cars

The storied car company is using the latest technology to produce extremely rare parts that are only needed in small quantities.

Nissan Concept Convertible Doubles as Snowmobile

Nissan unveiled its crazy 370Zki part-car part-snowmobile at the 2018 Chicago Auto Show. The only uncool thing about it is nobody can buy one.

Buying a Concept Car Is Harder Than It Seems

Concept cars may be super cool, but most never make it into production.

3 Facts That Show Minivans Aren't So Bad After All

The minivan's backstory is one of innovation and resilience, despite what many folks say about the vehicle's, er, stuffy design.

Ultra-rare Ferrari Sells for $2 Million

A one-of-a-kind barn find Ferrari was auctioned off as part of Ferrari's marquee event with Sotheby's to celebrate the company's 70th anniversary.

Remembering Some of the Craziest Custom RVs

Just in time for some awesome summer road trips, the CarStuff guys give you a tour of some of history's craziest RVs.

The Strange Case of the Buried Ferrari

Sometimes buried treasure comes in a Ferrari-size package.

Unveiled at CES: The Electric Car Hoping to Beat Tesla at Its Game

Faraday Future wants to give Tesla a run for its money with the FF 91, a brand-new, four-door electric car with a swanky inside that was just unveiled at CES.

How Wind Tunnel Testing Shaped Vintage Dream Cars

Do you like the streamlined, aerodynamic design of classic cars? The credit for these historic innovators goes to the wind — wind tunnel testing, that is.

Ridiculous History: Ford GT40 Was Created Out of Spite to Beat Ferrari

The Ford GT40 was built just to spite Ferrari. And its triumph at Le Mans was just the start of a remarkable string of 1960s victories.

Test Driving Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion Car

Buckminster Fuller's 1933 designs for a car were innovative, stylish and exciting. But how would one actually handle on today's roads?

Toyota's Newest Electric Concept Car Is Made of Wood

The concept car Setsuna debuted at Milan Design Week, and is assembled without nails or screws.

4 Fast Cars Revving Up the 2015 L.A. Auto Show

You go to the Los Angeles Auto Show to see cars that can tear it up. We bring you four from this year's auto show.

Adult-size Cozy Coupe Ready for the Road

Ever have that fantasy of your toys becoming real as a kid? Well, the Little Tykes Cozy Coupe did just that. And it's awesome.