5 All-wheel-drive Crossover Vehicles

Traveling on a dirt road in Bolivia
Traveling on a dirt road in Bolivia
Thomas Kokta/Getty Images

As drivers demand better fuel economy, ever-increasing comfortable rides and better handing from their SUVs, the crossover segment of the automotive market has been growing. There are a few qualities that define a crossover, like being built on chassis that are based on passenger cars instead of trucks, optional third-row seating and almost always an all-wheel-drive version.

Crossovers have become a great mix of functionality, style, power and comfort. Being smaller than pervious truck-based SUVs, they typically have better fuel economy than the SUVs of yesteryear, although some are pushing the envelope. The AWD capabilities of crossovers allow drivers the option to use their vehicle in ways that a car could never perform, while still maintaining the comfort and drivability that typically comes from car ownership.

All-wheel-drive capabilities can vary greatly between each crossover, just like their pricing, size, towing capabilities and cargo room. We've compiled a list of five all-wheel-drive crossovers that fall into almost every category of size, price, off-road capability and driving experience. Some are expensive and refined; others are a little more homely and utilitarian. At least one will knock your socks off with its sheer speed and power and another might be your go-to choice for getting through an Armageddon-sized crater.

There are plenty of AWD crossovers to choose from when building a list, but these five hit on a cross section of the AWD crossover market and should give you an idea of how much each one can vary.