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The Collectible and Classic Cars Channel highlights some of the rarest and most sought-after cars. Learn about cars like the Bugatti, the Tucker, Ferraris and dozens more.

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Could Electric Motor Conversions Save Classic Cars?

Crate motors are popular for breathing new life into classic cars. The newest trend? They're now available in electric, meaning your old classic car can go green.

Millennials and Gen Xers Best Boomers at Collecting Cars

There's been a slow shift in who's collecting cars, and the boomer generation just passed the torch to two younger generations.

Henry Ford vs. the Dodge Brothers: An All-American Feud

John and Horace Dodge were early investors in the Ford Motor Company, but the relationship quickly devolved into the feud of a lifetime.

National Historic Vehicle Register Honors Elite Cars

The Library of Congress archives all things historical in the U.S. And that also includes many of America's most important cars.

Why the Ford Edsel Failed

Ford whipped the public into a frenzy back in 1957 with its marketing campaign for the Edsel, "the car of the future." The Edsel was supposed to be everything American car buyers wanted. But — for many, many reasons — it was a terrible flop.

Was the Ford Edsel really that much of a failure?

After an unsuccessful (and very expensive) launch in 1957, the Ford Edsel was discontinued in 1959. Everyone knows the Edsel wasn't up to Ford's standards, but was it really as bad as history makes it out to be?

What is an art deco car?

Take a look back to an extravagant and optimistic time when outrageous cars ruled the world. A time when automobiles weren't just about simple transportation -- they were about bold statements and high style.

10 Most Expensive Classic Cars

Gentlemen, start your checkbooks! These classic cars each have a history all their own and a price tag to blow your mind. The starting point is $6.9 million if you want one of these beauties parked in your garage.

Cruising Low and Slow: 10 Great Lowriders

Early lowriders cruised the streets of California in the 1930s in customized cars to impress the girls. Find out why these 10 bajito y suavecito cars made our list.

How Car Restoration Works

Some people dream of owning a brand new Escalade or Maybach, but others have bigger -- and older -- dreams. If you'd rather drive a classic, the accessibility and ease of car restoration can turn that vision into reality.

Hot Rod Pictures

Vroom vroom! Hot rods went from a California fad in the 1930s and 1940s to a nationwide trend in the 1950s. Cruise through these hot rod photos and check out some rat rods along the way.

Custom Car Pictures

Do you love custom cars? Buckle up and get ready for a wild ride through the world of custom cars, then and now!

Classic Car Pictures

These photos showcase some of the rarest, most sought after classic cars from the 20th century's most renowned automakers. Ready to take a drive down memory lane?

1953-1956 Jeep

The early 1950s were strange times in the U.S. auto industry. The industry had hit a sales slump, and the Korean War was forcing new rationing policies for steel and rubber. Learn how Willys-Overland and Kaiser-Frazer weathered the 1950s slump.

1970s Pontiac Firebird

Just a few months after the first Firebirds went to customers, developers were busy with the next generation. This time, The 1970s Pontiac Firebird would not accept Chevrolet's leftovers. Learn more about the Pontiac Firebirds of the 1970's.

1963-1964 Studebaker Avanti

Designed in seclusion, the Avanti (the Italian word for "forward") was a styling sensation that gave Studebaker President Sherwood Egbert a brief shining moment before the company discontinued the line.

1969 Shelby GT-350 & GT-500

Mustang not only gained a facelift in 1969, but also its own hot versions, the Mach 1 and Boss 302/429. Tradition demanded that Shelby Mustangs, including the 1969 Shelby GT-350 and GT-500 be somewhat faster, but it wasn't going to be easy.

1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am and Formula

Pontiac stylists had the ability to periodically impart a refreshing new look to the 1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am and Formula without serious modifications to the actual sheetmetal. Learn more about these Pontiacs in this article.

1979 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am and 10th Anniversary Trans Am

The 1979 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am and 10th Anniversary Trans Am debuted a new look for Firebirds. Learn more the 1979 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am and the 10th Anniversary Trans Am in this article.

1945-1952 Jeep: Willys Postwar Jeep

Even before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor plunged the United States into the thick of World War II, the jeep's service with the Allied forces was making it almost legendary. Learn about jeep design and roles the jeep filled after World War II.

1967-1968 Shelby GT-350 & GT-500

Mustang put on weight and inches for 1967, and the Shelby followed suit. To keep the car's weight down and its appearance distinctive, Shelby designers created a custom fiberglass front end to complement the production Mustang's longer bonnet.

Volkswagen Bus

The world's first minivan, the Volkswagen Bus was for years really just a big, boxy body on a Beetle chassis. But much like the beloved Beetle, the Volkswagen Bus came to symbolize liberty and unconventionality for a whole generation of Americans.

1970 1/2 Pontiac Firebird

Bill Mitchell, GM's design chief, had complained that the first Firebird "had no real identity." This was not the case with the 1970 1/2 Pontiac Firebird. Learn more about this muscle car here.

1971 Pontiac Firebird Formula

Because both the 350-and 400-cid V-8 engines were available this year, the 1971 Pontiac Firebird Formula model lost its "400" suffix. Learn more about the 1971 Pontiac Firebird Formula in this article.