1969 Pontiac Firebird Sprint Convertible

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Options for the 1969 Pontiac Firebird Sprint Convertible included Rally II wheels and leather bucket seats. See more Pontiac Firebird pictures.
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After less than two years on the market, Firebirds, including the 1969 Pontiac Firebird Sprint Convertible, enjoyed a facelift. Overall length grew 2.3 inches, width by an inch. Wheel openings were flatter, and windsplits decorated bodyside panels and front fenders.

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Change was most evident in the Endura plastic front end (doubling as a bumper), where the split grille was narrower and quad headlamps sat in separate compartments. Slim, fluted taillamps continued, but in a revised rear panel. Overall, the car had a heavier look, adopting some of the GTO's character.

Base engine was again the 175 horsepower, 250-cid overhead-cam six. Sprints got a more potent 230 horsepower edition, breathing through four barrels instead of a single-throat carburetor.

For $121, Sprints also included racing stripes and sport suspension. Contemporary testers found the Sprint delightfully responsive on the open road, especially with a four-speed.

Base V-8 was the 350, delivering 265 bhp on regular fuel. The 350 HO earned a few modifications (new heads, higher-lift cam) and came with a heavy-duty three-speed and dual exhausts. Ordering the 350 HO no longer brought side stripes.

The 1969 Firebird Sprint Convertible was given quad headlights and taillights for a fresh look.
The 1969 Firebird Sprint Convertible was given quad headlights and taillights for a fresh look.
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Next step: the muscular 330 horsepower 400, including hood scoops, special handling suspension, and chrome engine dress-up components. The 400 HO engine was gone, but two Ram Air versions could be ordered. With its high-output cam and oversize valves, the Ram Air IV could deliver quarter-mile times near 14 seconds.

Interiors displayed fresh instrument-panel facing and a new steering wheel. Options included Rally II wheels and, for the first time, all-leather bucket seats. Shoulder belts were standard in coupes; bench seats were optional, though rarely installed. Close to one-fourth of Firebirds halted with front disc brakes.

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