10 Most Expensive Classic Cars

This 1962 Ferrari was presented during an auction for 33 of world's most significant sport and racing Ferrari cars at the Ferrari's headquarters in Fiorano, Italy, in 2007. See more pictures of classic cars.
AP Photo/Luca Bruno

Automotive aficionados know that there are cars, and then there are "cars."

There are the cars we drive to work every day, the cars we use to take our kids to school, the cars we pick up groceries with and the ones we use to haul stuff from The Home Depot. They're utilitarian, reliable, practical and in most cases, they're relatively boring, too.

But others are the rare automobiles that provide more than just transportation. They're the ones that border on rolling art. The cars that most consider to be miracles of engineering. The ones that glorify speed and luxury. The ones that are best described as madness sitting on four rubber tires.

As long as people have been driving, cars like these have existed. Some individual or some company has always been there to push the envelope, to ask, "How much faster can we make this? How much better can it be?" Every era of automotive history has its legends. They have names like Bentley, Bugatti and Ferrari.

Many of them were made in extremely limited numbers during their time, and of those few, many became lost to history. A rare handful (or fewer) are still around, flaunting record-breaking speed and handling from a time long since past.

They can be yours, too -- if you've got the cash. The average person would never even consider spending $100,000 on a car. So what would make a person spend several million dollars on a car?

You're about to find out. In this article, we'll look at the most recent list of the world's 10 most expensive classic cars, the history behind them and how much of a financial hit their new owners' wallets took just to put them in their garages.