How much does it cost to lease a Lamborghini?

A Lamborghini sits on the showroom floor with other luxury and sports cars offered for sale at Bentley Gold Coast on April 9, 2010 in Chicago, Ill. See more pictures of exotic cars.
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Have you always fantasized about driving an exotic Italian car, flaunting your enviable financial status as you cruise by in a blur of tangerine or lime? It doesn't have to be a daydream, nor does it require the hassle of a long-term investment. Lamborghini is now offering leases for the first time, opening up a new level of decadence to those with plenty of cash but a fear of commitment.

Lamborghini dealerships historically took a "if you have to ask, you can't afford it" approach -- traditional financing was available, but they were only interested in selling the cars outright. The lease program was recently developed in response to customer request, so Lamborghini partnered with a company that specializes in leasing exclusive, luxury and exotic cars.

Only the four Gallardo models are eligible for leasing, but that still offers a lot of flexibility -- right now, you can choose from your dealer's available 2010 and 2011 specimens of the LP560-4 Coupe, LP560-4 Spyder, LP570-4 Superleggera and the LP550-2, which is rear-wheel-drive. Since the Aventador's a strong seller and supply is extremely limited, they aren't subject to any fancy financing deals. The Murcielago has been retired, so even if your local dealer's got one or two hanging around, they're off limits for leasing. And the Gallardo is on its way out, too, so this may be your last chance to take one on its maiden voyage.

So how much does it cost to live the dream? Leasing a Lamborghini, depending on your location and the model you choose, starts at about $2,700 per month.

The DuPont Registry notes, leasing "takes the stress out of the ownership and maintenance" of a Lambo -- assuming you can still sleep at night when your monthly payment deadline approaches. Think you can swing it? Keep reading to find out how to land a true Italian exotic in your driveway.