5 Unusual Auto Races

Some races are just ... well, strange.
Some races are just ... well, strange.
Steve Ganem/Getty Images

Auto racing is a serious sport. Big prizes and big reputations are at stake, not to mention the lives of the racers when a car spins out in a turn. High-speed driving and 24-hour endurance spectacles are no laughing matter, right?

Well, sometimes they are. Not all auto races are grim and humorless. Some races are just…well, strange.

From outlaw rallies that zoom from continent to continent to zany television competitions featuring ambulances and school buses, we're going to look at some of the weirdest, most unusual auto races anyone has ever popped a clutch at. Did you know that there's a race that actually encourages drivers to stop at brewpubs? Or one that features a 3,700-mile (5,955-kilometer) leg that goes from Stockholm to Boston? But let's not get ahead of ourselves. The list starts on the next page.