Unusual Cars

From minimalist cars -- such as the King Midget -- to the Batmobile, the Unusual Cars section boasts extraordinary vehicles. Also in the mix: the Jeep Hurricane, smart cars and the Gibbs Aquada.

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Already popular in Europe, the Smart Car is small in stature but big on economy. Learn how it came to be and explore the different models and versions.

By Ed Grabianowski

The Jeep Hurricane is meant to be an extreme vehicle. It's certainly not intended for the average driver. According to Trevor Creed, Senior VP of Chrysler Group Design, "Jeep Hurricane is simply the most maneuverable, most capable and most powerful 4x4 ever built."

By Ed Grabianowski

Is it a boat or a car? Deep-pocketed drivers need not decide, they've just got to be up for a wet and wild joyride. The Gibbs Aquada is an amphibious vehicle that can tear up the highways and waterways.

By Kevin Bonsor