Other 1930s Classic Car Manufacturers

The Lagonda V-12, the American Bantam and the MG Midget are just a few examples of the exciting cars to surface in the 1930s. View photos and read histories of these and other '40s models.

1929-1931 Cord L-29

The 1929-1931 Cord L-29 was intended to fill the price gap between the Auburn Eight and the mighty J in Cord's miniature automotive empire. Read how the Cord L-29 was engineered along principles patented by famed race-car designer Harry Miller.

The Crazy Story of Borgward, the German Carmaker You've Never Heard Of

You've heard of Volkswagen. And Daimler. And Porsche. And Audi. But Borgward? Probably not.

1934-1937 Chrysler Airflow

The 1934-1937 Chrysler Airflows were revolutionary in that they were aerodynamic, but they were not a success for Chrysler. This was one of the first cars that was styled with aerodynamics in mind. Learn more here.

1932-1938 Pierce-Arrow Twelve

The 1932-1938 Pierce-Arrow Twelve are considered to be the greatest cars made during the Depression. It featured a V-12 engine that was capable of producing 175 horsepower. Keep reading to learn about Pierce Arrow.

1928-1934 Duesenberg J-Series

The 1928-1934 Duesenberg J-Series automobiles were beautiful, well-built machines that were made in low numbers during the Depression. This car stood out above all others when it was introduced at the New York Salon on December 1, 1928. Learn more.

1931-1933 Marmon Sixteen

The 1931-1933 Marmon Sixteens were exciting automobiles that were fast, light, and good at climbing hills. The car weighed about 500 pounds less than the rival Cadillac models because of the extensive use of aluminum. Learn about the 1931-1933 Marmon Sixteen.

1927-1932 Mercedes S/SS/SSK/SSKL

The 1927-1932 Mercedes S/SS/SSK/SSKL were super-charged machines, each lighter and faster than the last. The cars were engineered by Ferdinand Porsche, who replaced Paul Daimler, the firm's co-namesake. Learn more about these impressive cars here.

1938 Mercedes-Benz 540K Cabriolet A

The 1938 Mercedes-Benz 540K Cabriolet A was a powerful touring car with a supercharged engine. Only a handful made it to the United States, making it extremely rare. Learn more about the classic 540K cabriolet.

1930 Cord L-29 Brooks Stevens Speedster

The 1930 Cord L-29 Brooks Stevens Speedster was a customized Cord L-29 designed by Brooks Stevens. It was a particular favorite of Stevens, who still had it at the time of his death in 1995. Read more about his beautiful creation.

1938 Peugeot 402 B Retractable Hardtop

The 1938 Peugeot 402 B Retractable Hardtop was inspired by the 1934 Chrysler Airflow. It featured futuristic styling and carried on Peugeot's tradition of being tough and dependable. Learn more about this classic.

1932-1935 Graham Blue Streak

The 1932-1935 Graham Blue Streak was a trend setter for the American auto industry during the Depression-era. Its cutting-edge design and performance made the Blue Streak one of the most popular cars at the time. Learn more about the Graham Blue Streak.