1930s Classic Ford Cars

The 1930s Classic Ford Cars Channel covers popular antique Fords from the decade. Take a look under the hoods of 1930s classic Ford cars.


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1934 Ford DeLuxe Roadster

The 1934 Ford DeLuxe Roadster was known for its explosive speed, and was popular among the police and crooks. A 85 bph flathead V-8 provided the performance for the DeLuxe Roadster. Learn more about this quick roadster.

1932 Ford Models B and 18

The 1932 Ford Models B and 18 were born during the tough times of the Great Depression. These attractive and highly sought-after cars had many loyal and enthusiastic fans for a very long time. Learn the history of the Ford Model B and 18.

1934 Ford DeLuxe Five-Window Coupe

The 1934 Ford Deluxe Coupe more going for it than just power and economy. It was also stylish, thanks to Henry Ford's son Edsel. Fancy styling details along with 90 horsepower quickly set it apart. Check out the 1934 Ford DeLuxe Five-Window Coupe.

1934 Ford DeLuxe Fordor

The 1934 Ford DeLuxe Fordor sported classy styling and a sharp hood ornament after a minor facelift. Its V-8 also boasted 10 more horsepower, up now to 85. See pictures and learn more about the 1934 Ford DeLuxe Fordor.

1937-1938 Ford

The 1937-1938 Ford lineup caused quite a stir, beginning with the spectacular introduction of the 1937 models. The debut of the 1937 models was done in a flashy presentation. Ford needed the attention after slow 1936 sales. Follow the 1937-1938 Ford story.

1939 Ford Deluxe

The 1939 Ford Deluxe featuring new hydraulic brakes was the carmaker's most popular model of the year. Ford reluctantly adopted the hydraulic brake system after rivals Plymouth and Chevrolet adopted the innovation. Learn about the 1939 Ford Deluxe.

1932-1938 Ford V-8 Open Models & Wagons

1932-1938 Ford V-8 open models and wagons are beautiful and desirable cars. Ford brought out the wonderful little V-8 only four years after the Model A debuted, and it was a tremendous buy for the money. Learn more about this highly collectible car.