1930s Classic Nash Cars

The 1930s Classic Nash Cars Channel covers popular antique Nashes from the decade. Take a look under the hoods of different 1930s classic Nash cars.

Excellent styling, fine workmanship, and good performance are the factors that make the 1930 Nash Twin Ignition Six a collectible automobile today. Read how Nash managed to show a profit while other independent manufacturers struggled to survive.

Nash Motors president George Mason intended to fight the Great Depression with innovation. These cars featured fresh styling that was appealing to the eyes of Depression-weary buyers. Learn about the 1939-1940 Nash Ambassador.

The 1939-1942 Nash Ambassador Eight offered an affordable price, smooth performance, and nice styling. Learn more about this quality car with eight cylinders.

The 1939-1942 Nash Ambassador Six was an even more affordable version of the Nash Ambassador Eight. Learn more about this quality six-cylinder vehicle.

The 1930-1934 Nash Twin-Ignition Eight offered great road manners and styling as well as lots of special features. Learn more about this stylish car, and discover the positives, negatives, production facts, specifications, engine type and more.