1930s Classic Plymouth Cars

The 1930s Classic Plymouth Cars Channel covers popular antique Plymouth from the decade. Take a look under the hoods of 1930s classic Plymouth cars.

The stylish 1934 Plymouth PE Deluxe achieved sales numbers that helped lift Plymouth to third place. This model was the one-millionth Plymouth off a Detroit assembly line. See pictures are learn more about the 1934 Plymouth PE Deluxe.

The story of the 1932 Plymouth PB Sport Roadster starts with Walter Chrysler who, like Charles Nash, learned about the business at General Motors. Not until 1924 did Chrysler have a car under his name. Check out the 1932 Plymouth PB Sport Roadster.

The 1932 Plymouth PA Rumble-Seat coupe included new safety features and was solidly built. Sales in the auto industry were low because of the Depression, but Plymouth moved up to third in sales in 1932. Learn more about the car that helped boost Plymouth sales.

The 1935-1936 Plymouth models were a solid success that advanced style and engineering of cars for the common man. A stronger chassis and revised suspension system improved the overall ride and handling of the '35 Plymouth. Learn more about these Plymouths.

The 1930-1932 Plymouths are easy to acquire, own, and run and are overall a good investment. Find out about their specifications and all the reasons collectors love them so much. Learn more about these collectible cars here.