1950s Classic Cars

The 1950s was exciting era for car manufacturers. America’s post-war designs became sleeker and models like the Ferrari gained popularity overseas. Learn about models from Bentleys and Rolls Royce to the 1950s Jeep models.

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1950 Frazer Manhattan Convertible

The 1950 Frazer Manhattan convertible was the most luxurious model of the company. However, it wasn't easy to build, fraught with design expense and multiple engineering hurdles. See the successes, challenges and specs of this classic convertible.

1955, 1956, 1957 Gaylord

The Gaylord was designed by two brothers whose father was the inventor of the bobby However, their goal in building the ultimate production sports car fell short. Learn why only four cars were built and get more specifications of this classic sports car.

1950 Hudson Commodore

The 1950 Hudson Commodore's unit body-chassis ranked as one of the cleverest early postwar designs. Low and sleek, it hugged the ground and handled well, thanks to its radically low center of gravity. See pictures and specs for this classic car.

1954-1955 Hudson Italia

The 1954-1955 Hudson Italia was Hudson's entry in the red-hot sport-model market of the mid-1950s. Possibly the most marketable aspect of the 1954-1955 Hudson Italia was that it was, of course, Italian. See pictures and learn more about this classic.

1950 Kaiser Virginian

One of Kaiser-Frazer's legacies to the industry was its novel hardtop, the 1950 Kaiser Virginian, patterned after the unique K-F convertibles and personifying "The Southern Spirit of Pride and Importance". Learn about its marketing campaign and get specs.

1951, 1952, 1953 Kaiser Traveler

The 1951-1953 Kaiser Traveler was the brainchild of entrepreneur Henry J. Kaiser -- who, it was said, averaged about 100 ideas an hour and about one of them was good. See why this car is the granddaddy of the modern hatchback and get specs for this classic.

1950-1951 Lincoln Lido/Capri

The 1950-1951 Lincoln Lido and Capri were the result of a harsh reality: Despite the great strides made with its new 1949 models, Ford Motor Company still had a lot of catching up to do. See why some people loved, and others hated, this classic car.

1954 Mercury Sun Valley

The 1954 Mercury Sun Valley received ample publicity, claiming "A freshness of view, a new gaiety and glamour, vast new areas of visibility, a whole new concept of light and luxury…". See if this bubble-top car with a plastic roof met its advertising claims.

1951, 1952, 1953 Packard Mayfair

Whether it suffered by comparison with the Coupe de Ville, or from its competitive market territory, the Packard Mayfair didn't sell very well. See why it didn't hold up to Packard's luxury image and get pictures and specifications for this classic car.

1958 Buick Limited Classic Car

The 1958 Buick Limited was a failure for Buick's reentry into the luxury car market. Sales plummeted due to an economic recession. Quality control and uncorrected design flaws also hurt sales. Read more about the Buick Limited.

1959 Fiat Abarth 750 Zagato Coupe

The 1959 Fiat Abarth 750 Zagato Coupe resulted from a collaboration between Abarth and Fiat. It's estimated that at least 600 were made with a price tag of $3,460. Read more about the classic Fiat Abarth 750.

1958-1960 Rambler American

The 1958-1960 Rambler American was the single most-popular model in the 1960 Rambler American family thanks in part to its low $1,795 starting price. Read more on the affordable 1958-1960 Rambler American.

1957-1960 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham

The 1957-1960 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham was a four-door hardtop that featured a "Modern Formal" look that stood out among its competitors. Learn about the origins of the classic Cadillac Eldorado Brougham.

1949-1951 Nash Airflyte

The 1949-1951 Nash Airflytes remain the most successful Nashes in history, but the car did cause some controversy with such flaws as cartoon-like styling, rust, and poor resale value. Learn more about the Nash Airflytes.

1955 Dodge Royal Sierra Custom Station Wagon

The 1955 Dodge Royal Sierra Custom Station Wagon was designed with "Flair Fashion" styling which featured two- to three-tone color schemes to make cars appear longer and lower. . Learn more about this custom classic.

Introduction to the 1951 and 1953 Kaiser Dragon

The 1951 and 1953 Kaiser Dragon was introduced to the public with unique colors and textures, but that did not keep the car from becoming a marketplace flop. Read on to learn more about the Kaiser Dragon.

1954 Hudson Italia

The 1954 Hudson Italia received mixed reviews. It was bristled with styling innovations that caused some controversy. Was the Hudson Italia ahead of its time? Learn more about the doomed Hudson Italia.

1954-1964 Facel Vega

The 1954-1964 Facel Vega is a handsome, haute couture collectible coveted for its rarity. It featured American power and French bodywork making it one of history's most memorable hybrids. Learn more about this classic sports car.

1950 Morris Minor Sedan

The 1950 Morris Minor Series MM Two-Door Sedan was the first British car to reach a million in production. The Minor was highly praised for its gas conserving abilities. Learn more about the Morris Minor MM.

1957-1958 Packardbaker

The 1957-1958 Packardbaker designed by Richard Teague was considered a minor miracle. But even the Packardbaker couldn't save the doomed Packard company. Read more about the classic 1957-1958 Packardbaker.

1955 Alfa Romeo Bertone BAT 9

The 1955 Alfa Romeo Bertone BAT 9 featured a futuristic design that was quite capable of being driven in everyday traffic and delivered good fuel economy. To learn more about this one-off model, read on.

1957-1987 Pontiac Bonneville

The 1957-1987 Pontiac Bonneville had its roots in the famous race course of the same name. The initial 1957 Pontiac Bonneville didn't make money, but it was only intended to be an image builder. Find out how the Bonneville transformed Pontiac's image.

1952-1954 Packard Panther and Pan American

The 1952-1954 Packard Panther and Pan American were sporty two-seaters from Packard. Both were equipped with powerful engines to rival the performance of the Corvette. Learn more about these classic roadsters.

1957-1958 Mercury Turnpike Cruiser

With the Fifties dawned the space age, which whetted buyer appetites for gadgets, glitter, and go. Detroit responded with fascinating, futuristic show cars. Read about one of the worst of these spaceboats, the 1957-1958 Mercury Turnpike Cruiser.

1957-1959 Ford Styling

Ford styling from 1957 to 1959 produced cars that were both hailed as styling innovations and at the same time shunned as the ugliest cars of the decade. Read about Ford's styling changes throughout 1957-1959.