1950s Classic Packard Cars

The 1950s Classic Packard Cars Channel covers popular antique Packards from the decade. Take a look under the hoods of 1950s classic Packard cars.


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1955-1956 Packard Patrician/Four Hundred/Executive

Packards advertising slogan for its 1955 cars was "Let the Ride Decide." Torsion bars mounted differently for the first time provided a remarkable combination of ride and handling. Learn more about the 1955 Packard Patrician/Four Hundred/Executive.

1951, 1952, 1953 Packard Mayfair

Whether it suffered by comparison with the Coupe de Ville, or from its competitive market territory, the Packard Mayfair didn't sell very well. See why it didn't hold up to Packard's luxury image and get pictures and specifications for this classic car.

1957-1958 Packardbaker

The 1957-1958 Packardbaker designed by Richard Teague was considered a minor miracle. But even the Packardbaker couldn't save the doomed Packard company. Read more about the classic 1957-1958 Packardbaker.

1952-1954 Packard Panther and Pan American

The 1952-1954 Packard Panther and Pan American were sporty two-seaters from Packard. Both were equipped with powerful engines to rival the performance of the Corvette. Learn more about these classic roadsters.

1956 Packard Executive

The 1956 Packard Executive was Packard's last gasp in the auto industry. Automotive insiders recognized the Executive as a desperation tactic because it contradicted the marketing plan of Packard. See pictures and read about this classic car.

1953-1956 Packard Clipper

The '50s Clipper evolved from other Packard lines. Like its forebear the One Twenty, the 200 was a cheaper model but not a cheap car aimed at the mid-priced field. But they had two problems: performance and styling. Check out these ill-fated cars.

1955 Packard Clipper Custom Constellation

The 1955 Packard Clipper Custom Constellation offered performance and styling to create a car with strong appreciation potential. Performance was provided by a 245 horsepower 352-cid ohv V-8 engine. Learn more about this classic.

1953-1954 Packard clipper Sportster

The 1953-1954 Packard Clipper Sportster was affordable and rare, with just more than 1,000 manufactured. They were powered by an inline eight-cylinder engine. Learn more about the Sportster here.

1955-1956 Packard Four Hundred

The 1955-1956 Packard Four Hundred offered smooth performance and up-to-date styling plus a bit of sportiness with its long wheelbase and two-door construction. Learn how the Four Hundred differed from the sedan that inspired it.

1951-1954 Packard Patrician

The 1951-1954 Packard Patrician was a top-of-the-line sedan that exuded luxury. It carried the firm's first complete redesign. Find specifications and more on this classic luxury sedan.

1955-1956 Packard Patrician

The 1955-1956 Packard Patrician is a widely sought-after collectible car, offering smooth performance and luxury. Performance came in the form of a ohv V-8. Learn more about the Patrician.

1951-1954 Packard Patrician Formal Sedan by Derham

The 1951-1954 Packard Patrician Formal Sedan is very rare, with only 25 cars made each year of production. Each powered by an inline eight engine. Learn more about this collectible auto.