1950s Classic Hudson Cars

The 1950s Classic Hudson Cars Channel covers popular antique Hudsons from the decade. Take a look under the hoods of different 1950s classic Hudson cars.


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1950 Hudson Commodore

The 1950 Hudson Commodore's unit body-chassis ranked as one of the cleverest early postwar designs. Low and sleek, it hugged the ground and handled well, thanks to its radically low center of gravity. See pictures and specs for this classic car.

1954-1955 Hudson Italia

The 1954-1955 Hudson Italia was Hudson's entry in the red-hot sport-model market of the mid-1950s. Possibly the most marketable aspect of the 1954-1955 Hudson Italia was that it was, of course, Italian. See pictures and learn more about this classic.

1954 Hudson Italia

The 1954 Hudson Italia received mixed reviews. It was bristled with styling innovations that caused some controversy. Was the Hudson Italia ahead of its time? Learn more about the doomed Hudson Italia.

1953-1954 Hudson Jet

The 1954 Hudson Jets were essentially a repeat of the 1953s with trim variations and a newly ribbed grille bar with a medallion. Sales of the 1954 Hudson Jet lagged, contributing to the demise of the company. Learn more about Hudson's last gasp.

1955-1957 Hudson Hornet

The 1955-1957 Hudson Hornet design was a result of the American Motors merger. Now built as a reskinned Nash, these cars were produced on the Kenosha Wisconsin assembly lines. Read why this legendary car is sometimes called the ''Hash''.

1954 Hudson Jet-Liner

The 1954 Hudson Jet-Liner was the best and last of the Hudson Jets. It is certainly the model to look for if a Hudson Jet turns you on. Get details specifications and pros/cons on this '54 collectible car designed by Frank Spring.

1953-1954 Hudson Super Jet

The 1953-1954 Hudson Super Jet was an upper-class version of the Jet compact. It had scrunched-up proportions that gave the Jet the look of a big Hudson -- or 1952 Ford -- that had shrunk at the cleaners. Get details on this collectible sedan.

1953-1954 Hudson Super Wasp

The 1953-1954 Hudson Super Wasp was a luxury car in the Hudson series. However, the firm's sales declined each year the design continued without significant change. Read more about the Super Wasp convertible and Hollywood hardtop.

1952-1954 Hudson Wasp

The 1952-1954 Hudson Wasp was an easy-to-handle step-down design. A full line of sedans, club coupe, hardtop and convertible body styles was offered in the 1952 debut series. Get more information on the collectible Hudson Wasps.

1951-1953 Hudson Hornet

The 1951-1953 Hudson Hornet is one of the most memorable cars of the postwar era. Virtually unbeatable in stock-car racing through 1954, the Hornet's legendary performance gives it a big edge in collector appeal. Read more about this classic car.