1950s Classic Rambler Cars

The 1950s Classic Rambler Cars Channel covers popular antique Ramblers from the decade. Take a look under the hoods of different 1950s classic Rambler cars.


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1958-1959 Rambler Ambassador

Arriving for 1958, the Ambassador was basically what Nash and Hudson would have been had they continued. Though the Ambassador would survive all the way through 1974, it would always be too much like mid-size AMC cars to attract much of a following. Read more.

1958-1959 Rambler American

Packards advertising slogan for its 1955 cars was "Let the Ride Decide." Torsion bars mounted differently for the first time provided a remarkable combination of ride and handling. Learn more about the 1955 Packard Patrician/Four Hundred/Executive.

1958-1960 Rambler American

The 1958-1960 Rambler American was the single most-popular model in the 1960 Rambler American family thanks in part to its low $1,795 starting price. Read more on the affordable 1958-1960 Rambler American.

1959 Rambler Six Custom Sedan

The 1959 Rambler Six Custom Sedan was the brain child of American Motors President George Romney. It was designed as a smaller sedan option to its larger rivals. Learn more about the 1959 Rambler Six Custom Sedan and see pictures.

1956-1957 Rambler

The 1956-57 Rambler was the most important car American Motors ever built. Its importance goes beyond its obvious virtues of compact design or the way it created and defined a market segment. Learn more about this essential American Motors model.

1950-1952 Rambler

The Nash Rambler had a unique look and appeal that matched its quality engineering and performance. It's easy to think back on the Nash Rambler only as a quaint little 1950s economy car -- frugal and slow -- but you can learn the truth in this article.

1957-1960 Rambler Rebel

The Rambler Rebel made a splash by stuffing a potent V-8 in a small car. This was done to meet the public's growing demand for horsepower in the 1950s. Check out the 1957-1960 Rambler Rebel including pictures and specifications.

1956-1957 Rambler Hardtop Sedans & Wagons

The 1956-1957 Rambler Hardtop Sedans & Wagons featured Rambler's first stepped "basket handle" rear roof. Several different trends were offered and all sported new features for the time. Get styling details on this collectible car.