1950s Classic Nash Cars

The 1950s Classic Nash Cars Channel covers popular antique Nashes from the decade. Take a look under the hoods of different 1950s classic Nash cars.


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1953-1955 Nash and Hudson Ramblers

The 1953-1955 Nash and Hudson Ramblers were suppose to be volume sellers because of their low prices. Many body styles and different trims were also available. Find out how the Rambler breathed new hope for the two automotive ventures.

1949-1951 Nash Airflyte

The 1949-1951 Nash Airflytes remain the most successful Nashes in history, but the car did cause some controversy with such flaws as cartoon-like styling, rust, and poor resale value. Learn more about the Nash Airflytes.

1951-1955 Nash-Healey

This remarkable transatlantic hybrid, the 1951-1955 Nash-Healey, has been called one of the most improbable cars ever built -- perhaps because the idea for it was hatched on the Atlantic. Read about the internationally designed 1951-1955 Nash-Healey.

1952-1954 Nash Ambassador and Statesman

The 1952-1954 Nash Ambassador and Statesman followed very popular models. The stakes were very high for Nash when redesigning the 1952 Ambassador and Statesman. Learn about the 1952-1954 Nash models and check out specifications.

1954-1956 Nash Metropolitan Series 54

The 1954-1956 Nash Metropolitan Series 54 was designed to be the ultimate commuter/shopping car. Learn much more about this charming little automobile and why it's considered collectible.

1956-1957 Nash Metropolitan Series 56 1500

The 1956-1957 Nash Metropolitan Series 56 1500 was somewhat brighter, flashier, and livelier than the previous Met series. Learn about these cars and discover their history and collectible status.

1953-1955 Nash Rambler

The 1953-1955 Nash Rambler was available in several new models including a four-door Cross Country wagon. See photos and learn about this practical and very affordable collectible car.

1948-1956 Frazer Nash

The 1948-1956 Frazer Nash was a high-performance car that's now highly collectible -- and hard to find. It was a thoroughbred driving machine all the way with no concessions to comfort or modern engineering. Learn all about the 1948-1956 Frazer Nash.