1950s Classic Henry J Cars

The 1950s Classic Henry J Cars Channel covers popular antique Henry Js from the decade. Take a look under the hoods of different 1950s classic Henry J cars.

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1952-1954 Henry J Corsair

The Henry J Corsair shared much in common with the Corsair DeLuxe and the Henry J Standard, which was intended to be the lowest-end model. Find out more about specifications and pros and cons of the 1952-1954 Henry J Corsair.

1952-1954 Henry J Corsair DeLuxe

The Henry J Corsair DeLuxe was meant to boost Henry J's sales -- with little success. This model was marked externally by a full-width grille and taillamps set into the tips of the little rear fender fins. Find out more about this classic car.

1951 Henry J DeLuxe

The 1951 Henry J DeLuxe was one of the earliest American compact cars aimed at less affluent car buyers. The good idea was messed up with dumpy styling (selected over several better-looking proposals). Learn all about this collectible car.

1951 Henry J Standard

The 1951 Henry J Standard was the low-end automobile in Henry J's 1951 model lineup. The engine sacrificed performance for remarkable fuel economy (up to 35 mpg when driven conservatively). Find out more about the 1951 collectible car.

1952 Henry J Vangabond

The 1952 Henry J Vagabond was merely a slightly upgraded version of a 1951 Henry J model. It was actually a leftover '51 fitted with a "continental" outside spare tire and a slightly upgraded interior. Find out more about Henry J's 1952 Vagabond.