1950s Classic Edsel Cars

The 1950s Classic Edsel Cars Channel covers popular antique Edsels from the decade. Take a look under the hoods of different 1950s classic Edsel cars.

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Ford whipped the public into a frenzy back in 1957 with its marketing campaign for the Edsel, "the car of the future." The Edsel was supposed to be everything American car buyers wanted. But — for many, many reasons — it was a terrible flop.

By Jamie Page Deaton

After an unsuccessful (and very expensive) launch in 1957, the Ford Edsel was discontinued in 1959. Everyone knows the Edsel wasn't up to Ford's standards, but was it really as bad as history makes it out to be?

By Cherise Threewitt

The anticipated 1958 Edsel Bermuda station wagon was known for its styling, and not always in a good way. The main point of controversy came from the unusual vertical grille on the front end, which was known as the horse collar. See photos of the 1958 Edsel Bermuda.

By the Auto Editors of Consumer Guide