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  • How old is the electric car?

    How old is the electric car?

    Electric vehicles always seem to look so shiny and new. Shiny, yes — but they're not necessarily new. Turns out electric cars have been around since long before the Model T.

  • Are cars designed to fail?

    Are cars designed to fail at a certain point?

    Does it feel like your new car is already old by the time it rolls off the lot? If you feel this way, remember that it's probably by design. Learn the subtle and not-so-subtle tricks car makers use to make you yearn for a new vehicle.

  • How the Land Rover Invisible Hood Works

    How the Land Rover Invisible Hood Works

    An invisible hood, you say? What kind of sorcery is this? While Land Rover's latest innovation may sound like pure magic, it's actually a pretty simple trick — and pretty handy if you're navigating some particularly craggy terrain.

  • 10 Motor Racing Superstitions

    10 Superstitions From the World of Motor Racing

    Some of these superstitions go beyond the paranoia or predilection of a specific racer. Even the snacks served at concession stands are affected by belief in bad luck.

  • How old is the electric car?
  • Are cars designed to fail?
  • How the Land Rover Invisible Hood Works
  • 10 Motor Racing Superstitions
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