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Who Does — and Doesn't — Get Featured on Blue Highway Exit Signs?

Not every business can get one of the coveted six spots on your typical 'gas, food, lodging' highway sign. Competition can be stiff, so here's how it works.

How the Best Public Transportation Benefits Cities and Residents

A 2019 study evaluated public transportation in 100 U.S. cities and ranked them from best to worst. So who got top dibs, and how is theses cities and the residents benefiting?

Shared Electric Scooters: Commuter Solution or Urban Nightmare?

Pay-as-you-go electric scooters are becoming ubiquitous features of urban life. They're great for the environment, but how safe are they?

No Cash? Let Your Car Pay

In-car payment systems are beginning to roll out in cars from Hyundai, Jaguar and GM.

License Plates Are Going Digital

Everything is digital these days, but your license plate? A California company is turning that metal plate into a digital billboard on the back of your car.

The Trucking Industry Is Gradually Embracing Autonomous Vehicles

How are driverless trucks changing trucking? Will human truckers still exist in the near future?

Do Our Driving Skills Diminish When Technology Takes Over?

Studies are finding that the more technology and safety features we have in our cars, the worse we drive.

Will the Upcoming Total Solar Eclipse Totally Ruin Traffic?

Monday, Aug. 21, may see hours of extra traffic on either side of the two-minute astronomical event.

When a Town Pays for Uber Rides Rather Than Creating a Bus System

A small Canadian town found out it would be cheaper to subsidize Uber rides than to supply its own bus system. Is this a view of what's to come?

Uber's Newest Flying Car Expert Comes From NASA

The rideshare giant envisions a flying vehicle future, hiring a pioneer who helped develop electric-powered, vertical-takeoff-and-landing aircraft. What's next?

What's Going on With the Apple Car?

The tech giant has designed and sold billions of iPods, iPads, iPhones and laptops, but developing an Apple car has proven rather tricky. Will we ever see one?

Car Sensors Are Getting Pretty Darned Advanced

They could prevent you from crashing into a deer or a pedestrian, and they don’t have to rely on visual identification to do it either.

Do Uber Drivers Discriminate Racially? A Study Says Yes

Do ridesharing apps offer a less-discriminatory way to get a ride than hailing a taxi? A recent study says they can be just as difficult.

How Uber's Dream of Self-flying Drone Taxis Becomes Reality

Companies like Uber, Google, Ehang and Terrafugia are at work on innovative autonomous flying vehicles.

Is Uber Ditching Google to Develop Its Own Roadmaps?

Who needs Google Maps? The ride-sharing behemoth is dipping its toes into developing its own web-based mapping system.

Bus That Drives Over Traffic to Hit Chinese Roads This Summer

Mind the gap! A prototype Transit Elevated Bus will glide over traffic in an effort to reduce China's notoriously bad road congestion.

You Might Never Own an Autonomous Car

Driverless cars on the road are a sure thing of the near future — but that doesn't mean you'll have the key to one.

Dr. Auto: Your Future Car May Save Your Life Someday

Future cars, equipped with loads of sensors, will be able to detect when you’re too drowsy (or too drunk) to drive, and even if you’re having a heart attack.

HopSkipDrive Brings Ride-sharing to Kids

This isn’t your grandparents’ ride-share service. In fact, it’s not yours either. HopSkipDrive is just for kids.

The Trouble With Car Sharing

Car sharing services allow you access to a car when you need it — and only when you need it. But it can’t be that easy, right?

The Future of Driving Is Not Driving

We bring you the best of our non-driving future from the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show.

5 Ways Uber Is Really Different From a Regular Taxi

Uber's ride-sharing service may be convenient, but it's also controversial. It can get you where you need to go, but it's definitely not the same as calling a cab.

5 Futuristic Auto Repair Technologies

Automotive repair is getting a bit less greasy and a lot more geeky. Will there be any need for the old-school mechanic's shop in the not-so-distant future?

Do Bike Helmets Save Lives? Or Do They Hurt Cycling?

First of all, I should get it out of the way and say that I always wear a helmet. Learn more about bike helmets.

Vinegar is Amazing! 9 Green Uses for Vinegar in the Car

Vinegar has been around since the dawn of civilization. Learn more about the 9 green uses for vinegar in the car.