Vinegar is Amazing! 9 Green Uses for Vinegar in the Car

vinegar photo

Vinegar has been around since the dawn of civilization. They found evidence of its use in Ancient Egypt and Ancient China. Vinegar is also mentioned in the Bible and is considered one of the favorite condiments of the prophet Muhammad.

Vinegar is widely praised for its culinary uses. In most homes, it's stored in the pantry with the other foods. As an edible, it is great on greens and as a dipping sauces, however, if you are only eating with vinegar, you are not using it to its full potential.


Here are a few things that vinegar can do in your car.

1. Use Vinegar to Remove Unwanted Bumper Stickers

2. Clean the Car's Interior with Vinegar and Water

Clean the car's interior with a mix of vinegar and water, equal parts.


3. Polish the Chrome on the Outside.

Polish the chrome on the outside.


4. Put a Bowl of Vinegar in Your Car Overnight to Remove Odor.

5. Coat Windows with Vinegar

In the winter, coat your automobile?s windows with vinegar. It will prevent frost.


6. Vinegar Windshield Cleaner

It also works as a windshield cleaner.


7. Vinegar Removes Bird Droppings

And it's great for removing those pesky bird droppings.


8. Water and Vingar to Remove Road Salt Stains

Spray a mix of equal parts water and vinegar on any road salt stains on the carpet. Blot with towel.


9. Power a Toy Car with Vinegar and Baking Soda.

Power a toy car with vinegar and baking soda.

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