5 Futuristic Auto Repair Technologies

It's possible that augmented reality apps might someday allow consumers to use their own smartphone for auto repairs on-the-go. (Coneyl Jay/Getty Images)

The days of traditional car repair aren't totally behind us quite yet, but they're on their way. And while there might always be a place for a small, old-school mechanic's shop to work on older cars, it's unlikely that service stations and low-volume car dealerships can keep up. Automotive repair is getting a bit less greasy and a bit more geeky, as tablet computers become the most valuable tools on a technician's workbench. Techniques might be getting more advanced, but it's absolutely necessary to keep up with the way cars are designed and built. New technology might make diagnosis and repair faster; however, that doesn't mean it'll necessarily be any cheaper for consumers. Repair shops have to invest a lot of money to stay certified (and therefore competitive) and those costs have to get passed along somehow -- but what does all this mean for the average car owner? Let's take a look at some up-and-coming car repair tools and techniques.