Motorcycles and Choppers

The Motorcycles and Choppers Channel explores how these machines are built and customized. Learn all about motorcycles and choppers at HowStuffWorks.

Calm down Evel Knievel. Popping those wheelies could get you in in trouble with the law.

The CarStuff guys barrel full throttle into the answer in this podcast episode.

Helmet laws protect motorcyclists from face and head injuries — the state of Michigan just proved it by getting rid of them.

Motorcycles are thrilling enough as they are, but these record breakers have a need for extreme speed and adventure. If you thought doing a wheelie for 200 miles was impossible, think again.

Everyone wants to burn rubber on the road, but you'd better make sure your equipment suits your needs and skill level.

The open road has its allure — and its inherent risks. But are two wheels really deadlier than four?

Shaft-driven bikes have their advantages. The ability to drive on one wheel without risking injury — to rider or vehicle — is not among them.

When you hit the pavement in a crash, a tough outer layer designed to protect your vulnerable parts doesn't hurt. And some jackets can help you avoid crashes in the first place.

I am biker. Hear me roar extra loudly, so you don't hit me with your car. It's a safety feature, see?

How important are your feet? If you value them, invest in solid protection. Here's what to look for.

Extending a motorcycle's frame gives it a new look. Done right, it also gives a drag racer a down-low advantage. You should look into stretching your sportbike.

Motorcycles are all pretty fast, but one reigns supreme. Hint: It has a jet turbine engine.

Don't your motorcycle bag so light you end up stranded and helpless. Before leaving home, learn some basic repairs and pack these essential tools.

Few but notorious, bikers with criminal tendencies started getting together formally in the 1930s. And though they might have been hellish, they weren't in the group you might be thinking of.

Choose equipment that protects all, not just part, of your head. You kind-of need the whole thing.

Continuing the longstanding tradition of pranks at PJD, Cody gets his hand on a zapping device and uses it to "startle" Pete.

After examining a stock muscle car they plan to customize, a gleeful Paul Jr. and Vinnie take it out for an eventful test-drive.

As the PJD Muscle Car comes together, Junior sees his stock-car pencil sketch develop into an unbelievable dream car.

Vinnie leads the installation of the PJD muscle car's super charger, which will take it from "fast" to "holy BLEEP."

After Paul Jr. mysteriously holes himself up in his office for days, a curious PJD team -- led by Mikey -- demands answers.

Find out if Junior was surprised by Nub's hesitation to paint over the OCC logo, and whether being famous has made it hard to do certain things around town like go to the gym.

The OCC shop must contend with contractual issues and the definition of "replica" in their latest build.

Vinnie describes running into Mikey's apparently extremely effective "fill the diaper" roadside fundraising attempt for the March of Dimes.

In honor of their branding, Junior designed a purple bike for the March of Dimes.

Language gets colorful when the OCC team installs a very heavy diesel motor in their eco-friendly CIMA Green Bike.