Motorcycles and Choppers

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With Senior out filming the Celebrity Apprentice, it's up to Christian to take the super-long, super-heavy and super-awesome Grainger bike out for its maiden voyage on a beautiful fall day.

Mike, Jason, Rick and Senior discuss their love of tools, reflect on the X-rated cake sent by Jesse James, and reveal their plans for the trip to Vegas for Chopper Live.

Jesse James discusses his build-off bike (which he hopes will "translate on a show like American Chopper"), his return to Discovery Channel, and his thoughts on who will win.

Relive those last few minutes of American Chopper Live: The Build-Off, when Jesse James and the Teutuls awaited YOUR verdict, and the winner -- Paul Teutul Jr. -- was announced.

A frank conversation with Junior and Senior about their troubled relationship ends --- surprisingly -- in an "I love you" and a hug, sending the Chopper Live crowd to its feet.

Senior's perfect poker face is a thing to behold as Rick Petko returns from lunch to find the bike he's working on with Junior dangling from the ceiling.

Wanting to "freak Senior out," the OCC crew pulls a prank that makes the man flinch in a way we've never seen before.

You know, as the Teutuls will attest -- and demonstrate -- you can pull off a REALLY good prank with the "shock pen."

See what prolonged havoc Vinnie wrought on Paulie with nothing but a clean sheet of paper, a straw, a window made with one-way glass and a whoooole lotta spit.

One difference between his bikes and OCC's, according to Jesse? They not only look good, they function.

Mikey and Junior watch on in disbelief when, in an episode of the Chopper Aftershow, Senior refers to Jesse James as a "genius" and predicts Jesse will win the three-way build-off.

The arrival of a custom chassis begins to give some shape to OCC's "evil, crazy, I'm-going-to-kill-your-town" build-off bike design.

From the honor of being commissioned to the choice of aluminum over steel, Paul and Vinnie take you behind the scenes of the very emotional 9/11 Memorial build.

Paul and the gang respond to questions about the World Trade Center bike, including whether or not they were surprised when the Mayor of New York City sat on the bike at the reveal.

In the World Trade Center bike Aftershow, Paul and the crew talk about their favorite part of the bike and music.

New York mayor Bloomberg accepts PJDs 9/11 memorial bike.

Senior gets a gift from Jesse James that he is not to happy with.

After an exhaustive investigation, Mikey solves the mystery of who sent Paul Jr. Designs an X-rated cake (note to Jesse James: some lobster next time would be muh appreciated).

Jesse James explains the three-way build-off between him, Paul Teutul Jr. and Paul Teutul Sr. ... as only Jesse James can.

Jim Quinn and Mike Ammirati engineer a workaround so the Grainger Bike's exhaust isn't so close to the seat (which would make it HOT), while staying true to Jason's design.

A slip of the mouse leads to an awkward social-media situation between Vinnie and Steve Moreau.

Vinnie's shooting of a rabid raccoon brings about a lot of teasing.

As fabrication on the impressive Arabian Horse Bike continues, truer words -- "That is one big horse gas tank" -- have never been spoken.

With everyone at Paul Jr. Designs missing their former colleague Rick Petko, Mikey reveals his master plan to help liberate their old friend from OCC.

Deciding that yelling isn't good for his health, Senior adopts a new tactic to get things done around the shop. (And yes, he's KIDDING.)