Speed Demon: A Chopper Profile

Speed Demon is a high-caliber custom chopper with an elongated frame. See more motorcycle pictures.

Due to the high caliber of Dave Dupor's custom creations, clients often come back for a second helping. Such is the case with Speed Demon, as this is the second chopper Dave's DD Custom Cycles has built for the owner.

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A stretched War Eagle frame with swingarm rear suspension holds two-inch-over Mean Street telescopic forks. Weld Wheels are found at both ends, each holding a matching disc brake; in back, the disc rides inboard of the drive pulley. A Rivera 6-speed right-side-drive transmission and 124-cubic-inch S&S engine exhaling through Martin Bros. pipes complete the chassis picture.

A fuel tank stretched to match the elongated frame is joined by formed fenders and oil tank to achieve a custom look, and they're all covered in silver paint accented with an exotic flame motif. The end result is a custom chopper that may well bring its two-time owner back for more.

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