Learn about the amazing time and care that go into making choppers like The Beast, Creep Show, Astrozombie and the 80 other cool bikes profiled in this section.


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Chopper Pictures

Curious about some of the most unique choppers ever built? Check out these pictures of powerful bikes and the modifications that make each of them one-of-a-kind.

Punisher: A Chopper Profile

Built and designed by The Wrench Custom Cycles, The Punisher is a custom chopper with almost all hand-crafted parts. See photos and specifications for this innovative chopper.

Turbo Spike: A Chopper Profile

Designed and constructed in Ft. Lauderdale by Kaotic Customs, Turbo Spike is a powerful custom chopper that features a boosted engine with a Garrett turbocharger. See photos and specifications for this super chopper.

Hard Tail: A Chopper Profile

This cobalt-blue chopper is a mark of ingenious design and paint work. It combines catalog items with enough creativity to make it unlike any other, which is, of course, what every builder aspires to. See photos and specifications for this inventive chopper.

DD Customs Cycles Pro Street: A Chopper Profile

Dave Dupor of DD Custom Cycles is fast becoming one of the nation's hottest chopper builders. His Pro Street features the finest hardware and workmanship. See photos and specifications for this cutting-edge chopper.

Checkers: A Chopper Profile

Checkers is a custom chopper with a monster V-twin engine fed by twin S&S carburetors. In this machine, Harley-Davidson meets street machine. See photos and specifications for this unrivaled chopper.

Assassin: A Chopper Profile

After showing its wares at a custom cycle show, Scooter Shooterz was selected to participate in the hugely successful Biker Build-Off on The Discovery Channel. Assassin is outfitted with a black steel frame and Executioner wheels. See photos and specifications for this killer chopper.

Custom Shop Cycles Pro Street: A Chopper Profile

Custom Shop Cycles Pro Street Chopper is a custom chopper built for a charity. It features a 113-cubic-inch Ultima engine, plus a flaming paint job. See photos and specifications for the generous chopper.

Speed Demon: A Chopper Profile

Speed Demon is a high-caliber custom chopper with an elongated frame and a distinguishing chrome-themed paint job. See photos and specification for this silvery chopper.

Buell Street Fighter: A Chopper Profile

Buell Street Fighter is a custom chopper with a modified version of a Harley-Davidson Sportster engine. Creator Eric Buell forgoes long-legged designs in favor of a more traditional custom style. See photos and specifications for this chopper.

Supercharged: A Chopper Profile

Once Custom Shop Cycles decided to build its first chopper it went the route of full-blown crazy just to show the world what it could do. This chopper features a supercharged engine and nitrous oxide injection. See photos and specifications for this super chopper.

Fiend: A Chopper Profile

The owner's passion for all things retro found a place on his custom chopper. Fiend combines a retro look with modern innovations. See photos and specifications for this fiendish chopper.

How Choppers Work

Movies like "Easy Rider" brought the chopper to the public's attention, and chopper culture is still going strong. Even Paris Hilton has one, which reportedly costs $250,000. Go into the guts of these chopped-up motorcycles and see how they're customized.

Executioner: A Chopper Profile

The Executioner is a fire-spewing chopper built for the Discovery Channel's Biker Build-Off. Assembled in just nine days, the Executioner boasts one major customization: a "head" light that spews flames from its gaping maw.

Lethal Injection: A Chopper Profile

Scooter Shooterz has earned a reputation for building exotic choppers, but Lethal Injection sets new standards. This chopper features a V-twin engine and elaborate bodywork. See photos and specifications for this award-winning chopper.

Chopper Baby: A Chopper Profile

Chopper Baby has a 93-cubic-inch engine that's designed to look like a 1950s Harley-Davidson. It features 18-inch-over Redneck springer forks set at an incredible 52-degree rake. See photos and specifications for this radical ride.

Sabre Tooth: A Chopper Profile

Fearless Choppers always sets its sights on building high-end machines with no equal. Sabre Tooth is a unique high-end custom chopper with a 114-cubic-inch engine. See photos and specifications for this hand-formed custom-built chopper.

Daddy Long Legs: A Chopper Profile

Daddy Long Legs is a chopper aptly named, as it was built for a former Corn Huskers football player. It features an elongated design and a 120-cubic-inch Patrick V-twin to power it. Check out photos and specs for this Klock Werks chopper.

Shovelglide: A Chopper Profile

The Shovelglide is a custom chopper from J.L. Hart and Chopsmiths. It features outrageous design and an 88-cubic-inch engine. See photos and specifications for this old-school chopper.

Girder: A Chopper Profile

The Girder's builders like to go to extremes, and this custom chopper is no exception. Girder chopper's custom forks were stretched 22 inches and cloaked in black. See photos and specs for this highly modified motorcycle.

Thugster: A Chopper Profile

The Thugster chopper is a one-of-a-kind bike crafted by John Lewis. A reliable 80-cubic-inch Harley Davidson Evo V-twin powers this unique chopper. See great pictures of the Thugster and check out its specs.

Fendered Spoon: A Chopper Profile

Although not as high-end as most Fearless Choppers creations, the Fendered Spoon boasts an incredibly-wide 300mm rear tire. See photos and specifications for this Harley-Davidson engine chopper.

Street Hustler: A Chopper Profile

Fantastic quality and an unclassifiable paint scheme characterize Kaotic Customs' Street Hustler. Like all of their creations this bike looks like no other. See photos and check out specifications for this unique chopper.

Scooter Shooterz: A Chopper Profile

This chopper's aggressive stance compensates for its more traditional design. Still it's a well-executed and well-designed custom chopper. See photos and specifications for this classically-styled machine.

Spoon Cobra: A Chopper Profile

The Spoon Cobra's sculpted sheet metal and distinctive touches make it a truly outstanding machine. It was built collaboratively by two of the field's top custom builders. Learn about intricacies and features of the Spoon Cobra.