Catalog Bike: A Chopper Profile

The Catalog Bike is a factory-modified chopper by Scooter Shooterz. See more chopper pictures.

Today, numerous companies offer prebuilt “factory” choppers for sale to the

public. But back in 2002 when the Catalog Bike was built, that wasn’t the case. There were, however, catalogs offering parts that could be purchased on an á la carte basis, and then assembled into a chopper. And this is a prime example of such a machine.


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Starting with a Kraftech hardtail frame, Scooter Shooterz of Indiana added 12-inch-over Pro-Tech telescopic forks, a fuel tank from Independent, and a Rev Tech powertrain. Sixty-spoke wheels from DNA, a custom seat designed by Scooter Shooterz, and an exhaust system from L.A. Choppers helped make it ridable. Scooter Shooterz then finished it off with tangerine paint hosting graffiti graphics, and voilá -- another chopper was born.

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Catalog Bike Chopper Pictures

Catalog Bike's custom paint.

The Catalog Bike is built from parts bought and then assembled into a chopper. Scooter Schooterz created this factory-modified chopper. Below are more pictures and specifications of this one-of-a-kind chopper.

Catalogs may offer some nice-looking parts, but fine paintwork still stands out.


Exhaust and chrome plating.

The Catalog Bike's engine is a standard Rev Tech item, but a Flowmaster intake and L.A. Choppers exhaust -- along with lots of chrome plating -- help set it off.

Wire-spoke wheels.

Classic wire-spoke wheels may not look as fancy as machined wheels, but many riders feel they’re what motorcycles are supposed to have -- whether stock or custom.

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