Creep Show: A Chopper Profile

Creep Show is a factory-modified chopper by DD Customs. See more chopper pictures.

Crown Custom Cycle Fabrication (CCCF) has forged a reputation for high performance machinery, but can also build bikes with as much "show" as "go." And Creep Show is one of them.

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Added to a Bourget's Bike Works frame was a set of 6-inch-over Progressive telescopic forks set at a 42-degree rake. Weld Wheels carrying JB disc brakes hold up both ends. Providing power is a 113-cubic-inch engine from TP Engineering.


Nearly every junction in the hardtail frame has been molded smooth,

including those on the fabricated brace for the rear fender. Elaborate

graphics atop the fuel tank depict a wizard fending off invading demons, but perhaps the most striking visual element is the "chameleon" paint, which flips from purple to green depending on the angle of view. Static display on a page fails to do the paint job justice, but what does are the numerous trophies picked up at major cycle events-proving this bike really is for "show" as much as for "go."

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Creep Show Chopper Pictures

Fuel tank shows off the "Wizard and Demons" theme.

The Creep Show chopper is a high-performance machine that "shows" as well as it "goes." Below are more picture and specifications of this factory-modified bike.

The "chameleon" paint flips from purple to green, depending on viewing angle.
Rear fender brace is molded into the frame, as are all of the tubing joints.
Creep Show's oil tank "eyes" passerby.

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