Executioner: A Chopper Profile

The Executioner is a creative custom chopper build for a popular television program. See more motorcycle pictures.

Scooter Shooterz built the Executioner for the Discovery Channel's popular Biker Build-Off program. The honor of being asked to participate is matched only by the creativity of the chopper entered.

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Assembled in just nine days, the Executioner bristles with little custom touches-along with one blazing big one: a "head" light that spews flames from its gaping maw. Even without the fireworks, however, the bike is mighty impressive. Black paint carries gold-leaf accents, the rear fender is adorned with leather flames affixed with copper rivets, and the wheels are designed and cut by Scooter Shooterz itself.


The 107-cubic-inch engine features "Knucklehead"-style valve covers, a matte-black intake routed to the left side of the bike, and tape- wrapped exhaust. A pistol-grip hand shifter stirs the Baker 6-speed gearbox, leaving the clutch to be operated by a foot pedal. Legend air suspension allows the rider to adjust ride height at the rear, while Mean Street Warlord forks-featuring finely carved details-hold up the front.

But the highlight of the build is the flame-throwing, skull-shaped headlight. Lamps fill each eye socket, while the push of a button sends great waves of fire rolling from the open jaw. It certainly creates a spectacle, which is exactly what the Biker Build-Off program was all about.

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Lest the description “spews flames from its gaping maw” had you thinking Zippo lighter or propane torch, think again. Got marshmallows?

In just nine days, the Executioner Chopper was built for the Discovery Channel's popular Biker Build-Off Program. Below are more pictures and details of this hot chopper.

Dressed for daytime, the “skull light” dons sunglasses. But come dark....
Seat and rear fender are set off by intricate leatherwork, a pistol-grip hand shifter picks the gears, and a chrome bottle stores fuel for the flamethrower.

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