How Liquefied Petroleum Gas Works

A gas station attendant fills up a taxi with liquefied petroleum gas. See pictures of alternative fuel vehicles

­Liquefied petroleum gas, or LP gas, is one of the most common alternative fuels used in the world today. In fact, in many places, it isn't an alternative fuel at all: LP gas is a mainstay for heating and cooking in certain areas of India and some rural areas of the United States. When you cook out at a campground or in your backyard using a gas grill or camping stove, you're using some form of LP gas. Known for its versatility and efficiency, these days LP gas is looking like an attractive source of energy for people fed up with high heating bills and skyrocketing prices at the gas pump.

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In this ­article, we'll find out where LP gas comes from, what it's used for and how you can convert your car to run on this lighter and cheaper fuel. ­