Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency has become an extremely important topic in today's world because of rising gas prices, the need to cut our carbon footprints, and the need to cut dependence on oil-rich nations. Check out these great articles on fuel efficiency.

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Is It Bad to Drive Without a Gas Cap?

We've all done it — forgotten to put the gas cap back on after fueling up and then driven off from the gas station. So is it bad for our cars?

Meet the Adorable Honda E

The newest electric vehicle from Honda is a throwback to the 1970s Honda Civic, with charming headlights and endearing styling.

Tesla Dog Mode Keeps Pets Cool in Locked Cars

At first it sounds brilliant. But after careful consideration, some dog and auto experts are torn over the safety of this newest Tesla option.

Electric Car Charging Goes Super Fast

The start of 2019 marks a new era in the world of electric vehicle charging. And that's a good thing.

Running on Empty? How Bad Is It for Your Car?

We've all done it – looked down and suddenly realized we're almost out of gas. What kind of wear-and-tear does this put on your car?

California Proposing Ban on Gas and Diesel Cars

California can — and probably will — change the kinds of cars on the road in the United States. But it's going to take a while.

Tesla's New Model 3 Aims Squarely at the Electric Car Mainstream

What sets the new electric car apart from its competition, and what features have people so excited?

For a Carpool to Work, Don't Ride With Jerks, Says Study

Scientists created an algorithm that matched people for social, as well as geographic compatibility, increasing rates of carpooling.

India Plans to Switch All New Cars to Electric by 2030

The world's second-most populous nation is preparing to make a change, and it could have big implications for business and the environment.

After Volkswagen: Where Does Diesel Go From Here?

Has the Volkswagen diesel scandal soiled clean diesel’s reputation beyond repair?

Do fuel additives really do anything?

The claims from the fuel additive bottles seem to scream at you from the shelf of your local auto parts store: add me to your tank and I'll make everything better! But do they really do that? Well, it depends on your car and on your needs.

Is gasoline more dense in the morning?

Everybody says it so it must be true, right? "Buy your gas in the morning when it's cooler, and it will last longer." Well, the science behind this theory is sound, but in reality, it won't save you much.

Are today's manual transmission cars more efficient than automatics?

Car enthusiasts swear that driving a car with a manual transmission is more fun than an automatic. Manuals have also historically boasted better fuel economy, but is that still true today?

Which has better fuel economy: manual or automatic?

Once upon a time, you bought a car with a manual transmission if you wanted to save at the dealership as well as at the pump. But times (and transmissions) have changed — manuals might not be the best at fuel economy anymore.

How Smart Morphable Surfaces Work

When is a car like a golf ball? Simple: when it has dimples! Now why, you might ask, would anyone want a dimpled car? As researchers on smart morphable surfaces are discovering, a dimpled surface can actually help an object travel faster and farther.

Where will fuel consumption and economy be in 15 years -- and beyond?

Fifteen years may seem like a long time, but if automakers are serious about meeting the new Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards, there's not much time to plan a strategy.

Does a diesel engine equal fuel cost savings?

A diesel-powered car may cost a little more initially, but you'll make up the difference in fuel savings, right? Find out if your diesel-powered savings plans actually add up.

Will all vehicles eventually be all electric?

In the early 1900s, vehicular propulsion was a free-for-all, with gasoline-, electric- and steam-powered cars all vying for popularity. Are we returning to the good ol' days of the automobile?

Will nitrogen-inflated tires save fuel?

If air is already 78 percent nitrogen, is there really any benefit to paying extra for nitrogen tire inflation? And how can nitrogen-inflated tires save fuel, anyway?

Safe Hypermiling Techniques

Some drivers are drawn to hypermiling because of environmental concerns, while others simply seem to share a passion for fiscal thriftiness. But are there really any safe hypermiling techniques?