Texas: A Chopper Profile

The Texas Chopper comes with a 6-speed gearbox. See more motorcycle pictures.

Of all the bikes American IronHorse builds, the Texas Chopper displays the most extreme geometry and appearance. Lengthy chrome forks are mated with a stretched fuel tank that reaches all the way back to the seat. The choice of "real flame" paint only adds to the radical look.

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Power for this example comes from a 117-cubic-inch S&S V-twin; it's the midsized engine offered for this model, the others displacing 111 and 124 cubic inches. All Texas Choppers come with a 6-speed gearbox regardless of powerplant.

In addition to a wide choice of colors and graphics, American IronHorse offers a selection of 12 different wheel styles. The Gladiator pattern was chosen for this model, and as with all AIH machines, the wheels, drive pulley, and brake rotors are cut in the same design. Extensive use of polished billet pieces makes this stand-out machine stand out even more.

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Texas Chopper Pictures

The Gladiator wheel pattern is just one of the many styles offered for the Slammer.

The Texas Chopper exhibits extremes -- in geometry and appearance. It's truly a motorcycle that stands out. Below see more pictures and specifications of the radical Texas Chopper.

The Slammer's wheel pattern is also reflected on the drive pulley and brake rotors.
Eyebrow gauge panel just ahead of the forks holds a digital speedometer and bar-graph tachometer.
The Slammer's "real flame" paint's soft edges make the fire look more...well...real.