LSC: A Chopper Profile

The customized LSC chopper has a hardtail frame. See more motorcycle pictures.

American IronHorse sells a number of different motorcycles in a variety of designs through more than 100 dealers in the United States. Each bike can be customized like this LSC Chopper with a selection of wheels and colors.

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The basis for the LSC is a hardtail frame with 4-inch stretch, 8-inch rise, and 38-degree rake in the neck. Triple trees add another four degrees, for a total of 42 degrees of fork rake. Forks are 12-inch-over telescopics, and combine with the tall frame for an extreme stance. A 124-cubic-inch S&S engine is fitted to this example, but 107- and 113-cubic-inch versions are also available. The 6-speed transmission has right-side belt drive.

The wheels shown are AIH's Lonestars; their design is echoed in the brake rotors and drive pulley. Two features of the LSC not found on many choppers are the strutless rear fender, which provides a cleaner appearance, and dual front brakes for better stopping power.

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