Girder: A Chopper Profile

Girder chopper's custom girder forks were stretched 22 inches and cloaked in black. See more motorcycle pictures.

In the world of choppers, Thee Darkside of Daytona, builder of the Girder Chopper, has a well-earned reputation for going above and beyond the typical build. Whether in the powertrain or the configuration, something is always done in the extreme.

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Girder Chopper is based on a Killer Choppers hardtail frame, which has been modified in nearly every dimension, with a 6-inch stretch, 10-inch rise, and a 55-degree fork rake. Girder forks were stretched 22 inches for the profile Thee Darkside wanted. Spoke wheels reside at each end. The front one rides without a brake; in back, a Hawg Halters disc is used, as is a 250-series tire. Power comes courtesy of a 117-cubic-inch Ultima V-twin fitted with a 'snaked' exhaust system bent by Thee Darkside.

The entire bike, including chassis and sheetmetal, was then cloaked in black, which strikes a stunning contrast to the chromed pieces. It all flows together to form a chopper befitting Thee Darkside's brand.

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