Deranged: A Chopper Profile

Deranged is a custom motorcycle with a cohesive design featuring sleek bodywork and unusual graphics. See more chopper pictures.

Mick White has been a frequent customer of Midwest Choppers, and for his latest purchase he wanted something a little different. By combining radical front-end geometry with sculpted sheetmetal covered in vibrant graphics, Mick got the look he wanted in Deranged.

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Adding a little pizzazz of its own is a 124-cubic-inch S&S engine that's been diamond-cut for extra dazzle. A Maltese-cross air cleaner by Midwest Choppers starts the air flowing, while a Wicked Bros. exhaust system finishes the job.

Sculpted fenders are a Midwest Choppers trademark, and Deranged has them front and rear. Along with the fuel tank, they're set off by a Burnt Orange and Pearlescent White paint job with silver borders. Together, they make Deranged something a little different, indeed.

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