Low Blow: A Chopper Profile

Low Blow is a super-powered custom motorcycle made by Thee Darkside of Daytona. See more motorcycle pictures.

Nearly anyone with the right amount of know-how can assemble a nice-looking chopper. But to build a bike as complex as Low Blow, do nearly all the work in-house, and complete the job in just a month takes a shop like Thee Darkside of Daytona.

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What separates Low Blow from most other choppers can be summed up in one word: horsepower. Gobs of it. More than any sane person would ever need -- or use. Beneath the skull-ringed fuel tank sits a 124-cubic-inch V-twin pressure fed by a roots-type supercharger.


And if for some unfathomable reason that's not enough, extra boost is just a squirt of nitrous oxide away. All that power is transferred through a 5-speed gearbox with hand shifter. Slowing the bike down is the duty of Performance Machine disc brakes at both ends.

Interesting decorative touches are another trademark of Thee Darkside of Daytona machines. The hardtail frame features a distinctly styled rear section, while a spined backbone serves -- worthlessly -- as a rear fender. Forks ride at a radical 65-degree rake, which aids straightline stability when the horses stampede.

To think this all came together in a month's time is hard to imagine. But speedy work is Thee Darkside of Daytona's specialty -- in more ways than one.

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Low Blow Chopper Pictures

What looks like a nuclear powerplant is really a supercharged V-twin with nitrous oxide injection that puts out only slightly less energy.

Decorated with skulls, Low Blow is a chopper with edgy style and tons of power. See below for pictures and details of this custom motorcycle.

The spined tail behind the seat encourages a strong grasp on the bars when the power is cut loose. Note the arrow-shaped rear frame section.
Dried Blood Red paint covers the whole bike, with the fuel tank circled by a ring of skulls. The laughing gas is stored in a pair of cylinders residing just beneath the fuel tank.

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