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American Chopper: Let's Get Physical

Deciding that yelling isn't good for his health, Senior adopts a new tactic to get things done around the shop. (And yes, he's KIDDING.)

American Chopper: Setting Things Straight

Hoping to clear the air, Paul Sr. sits down with Rick Petko to discuss the rumors he's heard about Rick leaving OCC for Paul Jr. Designs.

American Chopper: Architecting Inspiration

How do you turn renderings of two world-trade-center towers and one transportation hub into one kick-ass -- and meaningful -- chopper design? Watch and learn.

American Chopper: Architectural Expression

How do you turn renderings of two world-trade-center towers and one transportation hub into one kick-ass -- and meaningful -- chopper design? Watch and learn.

American Chopper: One World Trade Center

After Paul Jr. Designs is commissioned to build a custom chopper to commemorate the rebuilding of the World Trade Center site, the crew heads downtown for a tour.

American Chopper: Family Rage

Take a look back at one of the top fights of all time on American Chopper.

American Chopper: Guitar Violence

Take a look back at one of the top fights on American Chopper.

American Chopper: Top Fight

Take a look back at THE top fight on American Chopper.

American Chopper: US Biker Law

Jason works on a bike for the owner of, an attorney who wants to represent any biker, anywhere.

American Chopper: PJD Gears of War Aftershow 2

Paulie and Vinnie describe the treat of seeing the Gears of War Trike in action BEFORE the episode aired, and explain how humbling it was to arrive at the unveil with a 5-foot-wide trike ... only to see a 48-inch ramp with a 6-inch lip.

American Chopper: Senior's Decision

After talking through the state of his relationship with Paulie post-settlement, Senior reveals to Beth his plans to reach out to Mikey.

American Chopper: Senior Stops By

Mikey arrives at his Wolfgang Gallery to discover that his dad had stopped by to see him -- and without a film crew.

American Chopper: Staph Meeting

In order to kick off PJD's latest project -- a bike for Cepheid, a medical diagnostics company -- Junior invites his new client to conduct a staph test on Mikey.

American Chopper: Gears for Gears

As Paulie begins assembly of the Gears of War Bike ... well, see why he happily exclaims, "That's borderline not even normal," with Vinnie agreeing, "That is SICKENING."

American Chopper: Freak Frame

Step inside Paul Jr. Designs as Nubs delivers the painted frame for the Gears of War Trike(and learn the secret technique behind the paint's "weird" look).

American Chopper: The Machine

Dimensions might have been given beforehand, but you'd never know it to see how small the ramp was. Watch how Paulie overcomes the odds when he reveals the Gears of War 3 Trike to Epic Games at Comic Con 2011.

American Chopper: Communication Breakdown

Mikey, Vinnie and Junior share their thoughts about the impasse between Mikey and Senior, and Junior explains how he and Nub manage to work together without drawings.

American Chopper: Three-Way Therapy

Mikey meets with his therapist to discuss next steps toward a possible reconciliation with Senior.

American Chopper: Good Wood

See how painter extraordinaire Nub made a metal gas tank look EXACTLY like an old, weathered wooden crate. (Seriously.)

American Chopper: Design Deviation

Back from vacation, Senior tackles the U.S. Biker's handlebars, only to discover he's deviated from Jason's curvy design.

American Chopper: OCC Build-Off Aftershow

Who will win? Will OCC approach this build-off differently than Cadillac? How well does Senior know Jesse James, and what does he think of his style? Senior weighs in on these and other topics.

What are the most famous motorcycle rallies in the U.S.?

With attendance estimates generally around a half-million riders every year, there are four annual motorcycle rallies that are the most famous and the oldest of all our nation's bike gatherings. So what are the big four?

10 Notorious Motorcycle Gangs

Motorcycle gangs have been around for more than 50 years. But only about 1 percent of them are considered criminal and dangerous in the eyes of the law. Say hello to the Hells Angels, and nine other motorcycle posses.

What are motorcycle club colors?

Motorcycle clubs use "colors" to denote their affiliations similar to gangs like the infamous Crips and Bloods. So what's the deal behind these colors and which motorcycle gangs wear what?

Did Sears really sell motorcycles in its catalog?

For a century, the Sears catalog offered everything you could possibly want or need. But motorcycles?