10 Motorcycle World Records

We all know motorcycles can go fast, but did you know dozens of people can fit on a motorcycle? You might be surprised by some of these motorcycle world records. JAVIER SORIANO/AFP/Getty Images

Most people learn to ride a motorcycle because they're looking for basic transportation, a bit of a thrill and a great hobby. Of course, there's always someone who takes things to extremes. Tooling around on a country road, meeting friends, going on charity rides and attending massive rallies that take over entire towns in North Dakota are not enough for these people. Nope, these overachievers have to make their leather-clad brethren look like slackers by setting motorcycle world records.

The nice thing about world records is there's one for pretty much everything. The nice thing about motorcycles is that there's a bike, trick, speed or style for pretty much every situation. So when you put motorcycles and world records together, you have a pretty much limitless supply of records to set. People all over their world (including a large number from India) have tried their hands at setting whatever motorcycle world records they can. Here are 10 odd, thrilling and mind-blowing motorcycle world records.