Buying and Selling Cars

Buying or selling a car can be a tedious experience. Articles in this section touch on car buying and financing, insurance, warranties, VINs, and the Kelly Blue Book.


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8 Tips for Buying a Car Online

Buying a car online makes it easy to avoid the high-pressure sales tactics of a dealership, but it also comes with its own set of pitfalls.

10 Factors That Affect Your Car's Resale Value

Trying to sell or trade in your car? Lots of things you might not expect will influence how much you can get for it.

How to Wipe Personal Data From Your Car

You'd be surprised how much of your personal information is being collected and stored by your car.

Car Dealerships Get Creative to Entice Buyers

The era of stale and boring car showrooms are over. Dealers are upping the ante with everything from free cruises and in-house bars to lure buyers these days.

Can an Automaker Forbid You From Reselling Your Car?

Several carmakers have put clauses in the sales contracts of their supercars that prevent buyers from selling them for at least a few years. Is the practice even legal?

Is the Car Dealership Model Outdated?

Could car sales tactics we despise be going by the wayside?

Porsche Is Launching a Luxury Car Subscription Program

The Porsche Passport app will let drivers swap out different luxury sports cars and SUVs for a regular monthly fee.

Should You Buy a Used Rental Car?

When shopping for a used car, a late model rental sounds like a good deal. It has low miles, one owner and a great price. Is it too good to be true?

Can you return a used car?

You've just bought a used car. It looked good, ran well during the test drive and had a clean history. But when the problems start rolling in, you realize it's not the bargain you'd thought. Are you stuck with a clunker?

Do dealerships make more off new or used cars?

New cars cost more than used cars, so dealers must make more off the new ones, right? Wrong. A lot of factors determine a dealer's bottom line — and the biggest profits aren't always where you think.

How long are you responsible for a car after you sell it?

If you've sold a used car, the last thing you want to see is your buyer driving it back again with a bad case of remorse. But can they even do that, or are you protected?

What’s the best time of year to buy a used car?

If you time it right, you can find a trusty new-to-you car at a good-for-you price. When's the best time of year to buy, and what else should you consider?

Is it possible to lease a used car?

Leasing a car works well for some drivers, who get a sweet ride during its peak years and can either buy it or lease another when the deal's up. But if leasing works for new cars, why don't more people lease used cars?

Can you find the keypad code for a used car?

Keypad entry systems provide a key-free alternative for getting into your car. What happens if you get a used car with a keypad system but not the code that goes with it? Are there ways to reset the system?

Can you sell a car that has been under water?

If the words "car" and "flood" show up together in the same sentence, it's usually not good — especially if the car was yours. Would selling your flood-damaged car help recover your losses? Is it even legal?

Is the end of the month really the best time to buy a car?

It's time to buy a new car. Everybody knows you get the best deals at the end of the month when salespeople are desperate to make their quotas, right? Not exactly.

Is a car really an investment?

You love your car: It's your best friend, main squeeze, love of your life. You may call your car many things, just don't call it an investment — because it's not a good one.

How AutoCheck Works

Verifying the deceitful things people do to their cars is a tricky business -- and AutoCheck knows it. Find out what separates AutoCheck from the competition.

How to Get a Copy of a Car Title

You've lost the title to your car and are trying to find out how to get a copy of your car title. Read on to learn how to get a copy of a car title.

How J.D. Power Ratings Work

When you're constantly bombarded by advertisements, it can be tough to decide which car, washing machine or pontoon boat is really the best buy. That's where a company like J.D. Power comes in.

How NHTSA Ratings Work

Whether you're buying a new car from a dealership or shopping for a bargain on a used car lot, it's a good idea to find out if the car you're interested in is truly safe. The NHTSA can help.

How Consumer Reports Automotive Ratings Work

How reliable is the car you're interested in purchasing? Check into the Consumer Reports Automotive Ratings to see how it scored based on surveys and test runs.

How CARFAX Works

The shady used-car salesman on the lemon lot isn't going to tell you that the vehicle you're purchasing has a fatal case of rust or that your new car's engine is going to fall out a mile down the road. How can you beat the cheats?

How Consumer Guide Automotive Ratings Work

Everyone has strategies for getting the best deal on a car, like wearing your frumpiest clothes to the lot. Exploring an automotive rating service is another option for helping you get the bargain of a century.

How AFV Tax Credits Work

Sometimes when the U.S. government wants to encourage a certain behavior, it'll provide incentives. If you drive an alternative fuel vehicle (AFV), you might be eligible for some serious savings.