Badger Maps Review: Navigating Your Sales Territory

By: Aaron Lovelace  | 
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Like any software, Badger Maps has its strengths and weaknesses. mapodile / Getty Images

Badger Maps is a cutting-edge sales territory management software that has revolutionized the way sales professionals plan and optimize their routes. With its innovative features and user-friendly interface, Badger Maps has become an indispensable tool for sales teams across various industries. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at Badger Maps, exploring its features and benefits, comparing it to traditional route planning methods, analyzing its pros and cons, and providing tips for maximizing productivity with this powerful tool.


Features and Benefits of Badger Maps

Badger Maps offers a range of features that make sales territory management a breeze. One of its key features is its route optimization capability. By inputting multiple customer addresses, Badger Maps can calculate the most efficient route, saving sales reps valuable time and reducing fuel costs. Additionally, Badger Maps provides real-time traffic updates, enabling sales professionals to avoid congested areas and plan their schedules accordingly. This feature alone can significantly improve the efficiency and productivity of a sales team.

Another noteworthy feature of Badger Maps is its CRM integration. This means that sales reps can easily import their customer data from their CRM system and have it all available within Badger Maps. This integration eliminates the need for manual data entry and ensures that sales reps have access to up-to-date information about their customers. With Badger Maps, sales professionals can view customer details, track their sales activities and even take notes, all in one place.


Badger Maps vs. Traditional Route Planning Methods

In the past, sales reps relied on traditional methods such as paper maps and spreadsheets to plan their routes. However, these methods were time-consuming, prone to errors and lacked the dynamic capabilities of modern technology. Badger Maps, on the other hand, provides a seamless and intuitive route planning experience. With just a few clicks, sales reps can input their customer addresses, optimize their routes and generate turn-by-turn directions. This level of automation and accuracy is simply not achievable with traditional methods.

Furthermore, Badger Maps offers a level of flexibility that traditional route planning methods cannot match. Sales reps can easily make changes to their routes on the go, without the need for complicated adjustments or manual calculations. This agility is particularly useful for sales professionals who often face last-minute changes or unexpected customer visits. With Badger Maps, adapting to new circumstances and optimizing routes in real-time becomes effortless.


Badger Maps Review: Pros and Cons

Like any software, Badger Maps has its strengths and weaknesses. Let's start by exploring the pros. Firstly, Badger Maps is incredibly user-friendly. Its intuitive interface and simple design make it easy for sales professionals of all levels of tech-savviness to navigate and utilize effectively. Secondly, Badger Maps provides excellent customer support. Their team is responsive, knowledgeable and always ready to assist with any queries or issues that may arise. Lastly, Badger Maps offers a mobile app that allows sales reps to access their routes and customer data on the go, making it a convenient tool for field sales professionals.

On the other hand, there are a few cons to consider. Firstly, Badger Maps can be quite expensive, especially for small businesses or individual sales reps. While the features and benefits are undoubtedly valuable, the pricing plans may be a significant investment for some. Additionally, there have been occasional reports of glitches or bugs in the software. While these instances are relatively rare, they can be frustrating for users who rely heavily on Badger Maps for their sales territory management.


How to Use Badger Maps for Effective Sales Territory Management

To make the most of Badger Maps, it is essential to understand how to use it effectively. Firstly, take the time to input and organize your customer data accurately. The more detailed and up-to-date your information is, the more valuable Badger Maps becomes. Secondly, regularly optimize your routes and take advantage of the real-time traffic updates. By doing so, you can ensure that you are taking the most efficient paths and avoiding unnecessary delays. Lastly, leverage the CRM integration feature to track your sales activities and stay on top of your customer interactions. This will help you build stronger relationships and identify new opportunities within your sales territory.


Badger Maps Pricing and Plans

Badger Maps offers different pricing plans to accommodate the needs and budgets of various businesses. The “Business” plan starts at $58 per user per month (billed annually) and includes features such as route optimization, lite CRM integration and custom check-ins. The “Enterprise” plan, priced at $95 per user per month (billed annually), offers additional functionalities, full CRM integration and a dedicated team account manager.


Tips for Maximizing Productivity With Badger Maps

To maximize productivity with Badger Maps, consider implementing the following tips.

  • Regularly update and clean your customer data to ensure accuracy and relevance.
  • Take advantage of the mobile app to access your routes and customer information on the go.
  • Utilize the CRM integration feature to track your sales activities and monitor customer interactions.
  • Leverage the route optimization capability to save time and reduce fuel costs.
  • Stay informed about traffic conditions and adjust your routes accordingly to avoid delays.

By incorporating these tips into your sales territory management strategies, you can optimize your productivity and achieve better results with Badger Maps.


Alternatives to Badger Maps

While Badger Maps is undoubtedly a powerful tool, it is not the only option available for sales territory management. Some popular alternatives include:

RoadWarrior Flex

Designed for a myriad of uses such as delivery drivers, landscapers, fleet managers, real estate agents and so on, RoadWarrior excels in route optimization and performance tracking. Like Badger Maps, RoadWarrior Flex offers location verified check-ins, reporting and can build teams as well as Proof of Delivery as an add-on.


For both the base Flex subscription and the Proof of Delivery add-on, the total comes out to $25 per driver per month, which is the best deal we’ve seen. If you don’t need proof of delivery, it’s only $14.99 per month. You can even try it for free here. (Full disclosure: HowStuffWorks' parent company System1 also owns RoadWarrior.)


This software offers similar features to Badger Maps, including route optimization and CRM integration. It also provides additional functionalities such as lead generation and performance analytics.

Mapmycustomers has a variety of tiered plans with the most cost-effective one being $50 per month when billed annually and intended for personal use. At $70 per month per user, features include team sharing and weekly reporting, but is capped at 10 users. For $90 per month per user, additional features include location tracking, territory management and no limits on team members. There is also custom pricing available.


This platform specializes in route optimization and is ideal for businesses with a large number of daily stops. It offers comprehensive route planning capabilities and can be integrated with various CRM systems. Route4Me starts at $200 per month and includes five drivers and any additional driver is $40 per month.


Conclusion: Is Badger Maps the Right Choice for Your Sales Territory Management?

In conclusion, Badger Maps offers a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for sales territory management. With its range of features, CRM integration, and route optimization capabilities, it can significantly enhance the productivity and efficiency of sales teams. However, it is essential to consider factors such as pricing, alternative options, and specific business needs when deciding if Badger Maps is the right choice for your sales territory management. By evaluating these aspects and exploring the free trial options, you can make an informed decision and leverage the power of Badger Maps to drive your sales success.