Porsche Is Launching a Luxury Car Subscription Program

A new Porsche 718 Boxster model is on display at the 2016 Geneva International Motor Show. The Boxster is one of the models included in the new Porsche Passport subscription program. Chesnot/Getty Images

If you're in the mood for a new car and feeling kinda extra, now you can use an app to book a luxury sports car or SUV and have it delivered on demand.

In November 2017, Porsche will roll out a subscription-based mobile app called Porsche Passport. The pilot program, launching initially only in Atlanta, allows users to book one of eight different Porsche models that, for a mere $2,000 a month, will be delivered right to their driveways. For $3,000 a month, users get on-demand access to even more cars — 22 model variants! — that can be supplied anywhere in metropolitan Atlanta.


"All this goes back to us looking into society trends and us saying, well there is actually a target group out there, who's not so much interested in owning a car, but using a car," Klaus Zellmer, president and CEO of Porsche North America, told WABE Atlanta. "This target group, from our perspective, also is interested in not using just one car of our range, they want to use many cars. Not at the same time, but they want the flexibility to change over."

In addition to exchanging vehicles frequently using the month-to-month program, users don't have to worry about the extra miles they put in while showing off their new wheels. That's because mileage is unlimited. Vehicle tax, registration, insurance, roadside assistance, maintenance and detailing are included, too. All it takes is an app download, a $500 set-up fee, and a successful background check. Oh, and a commitment of thousands of dollars a month, too.

While Porsche is hoping to tap into user trends and plans to discontinue the test subscription program if it hurts sales, it isn't the only luxury brand taking the leap. In 2017, Cadillac also launched a subscription service for residents in the New York metropolitan area — that app-based service costs $1,500 a month.

And, for those who don't want to decide on just one brand, consider Revolve, a subscription service that costs $2,000 a month for access to a fleet including cars from Jaguar, Tesla, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Land Rover, Cadillac, Maserati and, yes, Porsche. Revolve's is a longer commitment, ranging from one to four months, and currently serves only the South Florida area.