1960s Classic Mercury Cars

The 1960s Classic Mercury Cars Channel covers popular antique Mercurys from the decade. Take a look under the hoods of 1960s classic Mercury cars.


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1960 Mercury

Mercury models of the late 1950s could make a sensitive soul shriek in horror. Luckily this 1960 classic was sleeked down and convertible models along with large color selections were available. View the 1960 Mercury and learn how it works.

1962-1963 Mercury S-55

The 1962-1963 Mercury S-55s were great accomplishments for Mercury as it ventured into the sporty car category. However, it had modest popularity so it is hardly surprising that the S-55 disappeared from Mercury's 25th Anniversary big-car line. Read more.

1963-1964 Mercury Marauder

The 1963 Mercury Marauder was created with racing in mind, with improved aerodynamics for higher speed. This model marked the first time the name Marauder was applied to a car. Learn more about the 1964 Mercury Marauder at HowStuffWorks.

1964-1965 Mercury Comet Cyclone

The 1964-1965 Mercury Comet Cyclone transformed Mercury's Comet line. After plopping a small-block V-8 into the last of the first-generation Comets, Mercury was ready to turn toward some real muscle. Look under the hood of this classic car.

1966-1967 Mercury Cyclone GT

The 1966-1967 Mercury Cyclone GT entered the market as a clone of another Ford Motor Company car, sharing the same body stylings and engine choice as the popular Ford Fairlane. Read more about the 1966-1967 Mercury Cyclone GT.

1968-1969 Mercury Cyclone GT

As the 1968-1969 Mercury Cyclone GT came along, sales just about doubled. Unfortunately, the 1967 total for Mercuy had dropped such that even a twofold increase didn't make the automaker euphoric. Learn more about the 1968-1969 Mercury Cyclone GT.

1969 Mercury Marauder

The 1969 Mercury Marauder was part of a long, unfortunate tradition of performance cars that stayed in production despite slow sales. The Marauder came in spite of lackluster market performance. Read more about the poorly-timed 1969 Mercury Marauder.

1964-1965 Mercury Comet

The 1964-1965 Mercury Comet was restyled in 1964. The Comet also got a boost in luxury and performance. Mercury enjoyed great success with its compact Comet. Learn more about the 1964-1965 Mercury Comet.

1967-1973 Mercury Cougar

The 1967-1973 Mercury Cougar was one of the most loved performance cars of the ponycar age. The styling work began in February 1963, but the new car's major elements weren't in place until late 1964. See pictures and learn about this classic.

1966-1967 Mercury Comet

The 1966-1967 Mercury Comet took on a racier role with cars like the Cyclone GT. They outsold the full-size Mercury each year, making it Lincoln-Mercury's best-selling line. See pictures and learn about the 1966-1967 Mercury Comet.

1960-1963 Mercury Comet

The 1960-1963 Mercury Comet was Ford's first compact car. The Comet was quite stylish for the time. It featured vinyl bolsters and nylon-based cloth inserts on the seats. Follow the evolution of the innovative Mercury Comet from beginning to end.

1963-1968 Mercury Breezeway

From 1963-68 many Mercury models had Breezeways which were retractable rear windows. This feature provided a new level of interior comfort as well as distinctive styling. Find facts and photos about these practical novel cars in this article.

1959-1960 Mercury Park Lane

The 1959-1960 Mercury Park Lane was the largest of the big Mercury cars and is also still one of the rarest. The platform was still unique to Mercury, but all-new, with husky styling, more massive proportions, and huge compound-curve windshields.

1962 Mercury Monterey Custom S-55

Not a sales success the 1962 Mercury Monterey Custom S-55 was the first of the early-60's big bucket seat Mercury cars. Learn about this muscle car and discover the positives, negatives, production facts, specifications, engine types and more.

1963-1964 Mercury S-55 & Marauder

While the 1963-1964 Mercury S-55 & Marauder have lots of room and great performance they use a lot of gas and are hard to find parts for. Discover more about the positives, negatives, production facts, specifications, engine types and more.

1966 Mercury S-55

With its clean looks and relative rarity the 1966 Mercury S-55 is a great collectible car. Learn about this high performance muscle car from the 1960s and discover more about the positives, negatives, production facts, specifications and engine type.

1967 Mercury Monterey S-55

Because so few of them were made, the 1967 Mercury Monterey S-55 is an excellent investment for collectors. Learn more about this big performance car and discover the positives, negatives, production facts, specifications, engine types and more.

1969-1970 Mercury Cougar

The 1969-1970 Mercury Cougar was the last of the true ponycar Cougars. Learn more about the history of this high performance Mercury muscle car and discover the positives, negatives, production facts, specifications, engine types and more.