1960s Classic Imperial Cars

The 1960s Classic Imperial Cars Channel covers popular antique Imperials from the decade. Take a look under the hoods of 1960s classic Imperial cars.


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1964, 1965, 1966 Imperial

The 1964 Imperials were the first models designed by someone other than Virgil Exner since Imperial had become a separate make in 1955. Comfort was the name of the game, and even rear-seat passengers sat in the lap of luxury. Explore this classic car.

1967-1968 Imperial

Chrysler thought that by 1967, automakers' methods of insulation and soundproofing had become so advanced as to make the use of a separate body unnecessary. Learn how Chrysler debuted the 1967-1968 Imperial with advanced unibody construction.

1960-1963 Imperial

The 1960-1963 Imperials were completely restyled and reengineered to regain lost momentum and recapture lost customers. Everything down to the way in which the cars were manufactured was restructured by Chrysler. See the 1960-1963 Imperials.

1960-1963 Imperial Crown

The 1960-1963 Imperial Crowns were the last styled by Virgil Exner. Chrysler's wedgehead 413 was used all years and there were few mechanical or chassis changes from 1957-1959. Learn more about these high luxury collectibles cars.

1964-1970 Imperial Crown

The 1964-1970 Imperial Crown sported a crisp conservative look not seen in this line before. Latter Imperials were redesigned around a unit body/chassis and a shorter wheelbase similar to then-current Chryslers. Read more about this classic car.

1960-1963 Imperial LeBaron

The 1960-1963 Imperial LeBaron was an incredibly luxurious alternative to standard Imperials. Check out the hard-to-find 1960-1963 Imperial LeBaron and learn about the pros, cons, production facts, specifications and more.

1964-1970 Imperial LeBaron

The 1964-1970 Imperial LeBaron was loaded with high-grade accessories and power assists. Learn more about the lavish 1964-1970 Imperial LeBaron and check out this luxury car's pluses, minuses, specifications, production facts, engine type and more.