1960s Classic Sunbeam Cars

The 1960s Classic Sunbeam Cars Channel covers the top Sunbeam models of the decade. See what's under the hoods of 1960s classic Sunbeam cars.

The 1964-1965 Sunbeam Venezia by Supperleggera was an expensive, rare, and desirable Italian sports car. It was powered by an ohv inline-four engine that produced 88 horsepower. Learn more about this collectible car.

The 1969-1970 Sunbeam Alpine GT was a four-seat fastback coupe sold mostly in England. The Alpine GT was a bargain with good mileage and adequate performance. Learn the facts and specifications of this collectible car.

The 1958-1967 Sunbeam Rapier was a sporty two-door hardtop with good performance. Read about its development over a decade and find out what makes it a great collectible car for British-car fans.